Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Hello and a sort of goodbye

*Flicks on light and sweeps dust off laptop*

Hello? *taps at keyboard*

Erm, it's been a while hasn't it?

I thought I'd write a quick post to explain my lack of blogging over the past few months (OK a whole year really).  A round up of the past few months if you like.

I'll start with the family stuff, seeing as that's always been my main focus here.

So the teenagers still continue to be teenagery and further to my exam results post back in August, the teen boy did OK with his GCSEs, the teen girl is shortly about to find out the results of hers and we are in a constant round of deciding sixth form and university courses, much of which makes my head want to explode and also makes me feel old.  But it's all good, apart from when it isn't, which I'm not allowed to blog about because it is apparently an invasion of their privacy, which is the main reason I'm not really blogging much anymore.  And I can't even take pictures or Instagram them either *does eyeroll*

No photos fam.

The twins?  Well, primary school is no longer a source of blog posts either - a bit like groundhog day if I'm honest.  In fact, what can you even write about when your kids are no longer being funny and the whole parenting thing feels like it's on a bit of a loop?

In short, it's a bit boring blogging about the kids all the time.  At the moment I can't seem to find anything I haven't already covered to talk about (like I say, groundhog day *yawns*).

And so, this is a goodbye of sorts.  Because, I've been doing other stuff this year.  Stuff which no longer fits with the whole parent blogging thing.

The other stuff?

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed that I spend an inordinately large amount of my time out running or talking about running (sorry about that, I know it's not what you signed up for).  I've entered and run a few races over the past year or so.  Not loads, but just enough to get my confidence up.

My A race at the end of last year was Manchester Half Marathon where I hoped (and managed to) beat my previous year's time.  It's something which I could not have done without the fabulous support of the UKRunChat community over on Twitter.  As the teens say, they are my squad.

All the fabulous runners (and a middle aged housewife)

My squad is better than your squad.
(You may notice I'm at the back, on tiptoes being eclipsed by twins, which is a lot like my normal everyday life really)

And, when Manchester Half was over, and we were all consoling or congratulating each other, those fabulous people had already sewn a seed into my head.  A little voice that said "what next?".  I could carry on running 10Ks and half marathons for another year, or I could do something else, something bigger.

And, bigger I went.  I only went and ran a marathon!

Look, its me with a marathon medal round my neck!

I did mean to write about it, honest.  I even set up a separate blog which I then proceeded to ignore while I panicked about the prospect of running 26.2 miles.

But now I've done all that running I finally feel like it might be time to blog about how bad I am at it in a bit more detail.

So, here's the spin off blog, Sounding Like A Runner (I'm keeping part of the blogging name for continuity) where I talk, hopefully a bit more, about the things that cross my mind when I'm running.

As for this blog, well, I may not be quite done.  Think of this post as an out of office if you like.  I might pop back and write about the odd thing, should something interminably hilarious and parent blog related ever happen.  I don't quite want to take it down yet.  In any case, someone might need one of my really useful posts like how to decipher teen speak, how to tell if your teenager has upgraded, what do do with the class bear when he comes to visit, or most importantly how to Rinder your kids (which, just like the judge, is a personal favourite of mine).

In any case, I'll still be around on Twitter and the usual mix of things will be over on Instagram, minus the teens.

I am extremely grateful also to all the other parent bloggers who have stopped by over the years and commented on my posts.  When I started out my aim was to make just one person laugh.  I think I've managed at least that.

But for now, it's onwards and upwards, or sideways?  What even do you say when it's a step into a new direction?  I don't know.  I do know that I'm very excited for the rest of the year and very much looking forward to sharing it with whoever stops by for a read.

*does jazz hands*

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