Thursday, 29 September 2016

Milestone Cards for Teenagers

Have you seen those milestone cards that people buy when they have babies?  The ones that you photograph with the baby, and then post to Facebook each time the baby reaches a new milestone (and let's face it, there are hundreds of those when babies are all new).

Well, I'm a bit envious.  Not of the babies (I'm totally done there), but of the milestones and the photos.

The thing is, there are all these cool things you can do nowadays to record such moments with a baby, but as children get older there is nothing.  And judging by my photo collection these days there is a distinct lack of photos of my teenagers all of a sudden.

So much so, that I'm going to have forgotten what their beautiful faces look like at this rate.

So, I've concluded that there is a gap in the market.  What if someone made milestone cards for parents of teenagers?  There are hundreds of proud moments for us too, let me tell you.  It's just that nobody thinks to record them. 

So if anyone should decide to take this project further, I've made a small selection of cards for the types of things that us mums and dads of teenagers might like to remember, based on some of the recent events in our household.

You'll have to imagine the teenagers - they aren't keen on posing with these for some reason?  I still think I could bribe them with a fiver but dh won't let me it will catch on eventually.  Give it time.

Here they are.  

1.  Because nobody ever forgets their first time...

2.  No more whiffy feet.  Who knew clean socks were the key?

3.  The stuff dreams are truly made of.

4.  I had forgotten the teenagers could still do this.  You might have to be quick with the camera to capture it though.

5.  It's a shame that teen girl used my tweezers (which she then lost) but I have to agree, the eyebrows did look especially 'on fleek' that day.

6.  This was a proud moment for me. It's usually like a digital tsunami in our house when the WiFi goes wrong.

7.  To paraphrase Adele, 'hello from the inside, I must have text a thousand times'... Replies are an amazing achievement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are hundreds more exciting achievements just waiting to be recorded all over social media by parents of teens.  What about the day you first meet their boyfriend/girlfriend?  The day they use the washing machine on their own for the first time? The day they do their first GCSE resit after vastly underestimating the importance of the exam score the first time round.  Before you know it you'll have an album on Facebook full of all these special moments to be cherished forever.

As I say this idea is not really a new one.  But I think this particular adaptation is rather unique.  So unique that it will probably be on Kickstarter by the end of the day.  Or there's always Dragon's Den*.

Who knows, I might even make enough money to buy some better WiFi or replace the tweezers that the teen girl lost.

That would be excellent.

*  I bet Deborah Meaden would still be out.


  1. Love this!
    Today I put my damp towel back on the rail...
    Today I emptied all the wrappers out of my trouser pockets...
    Today I remembered my entire PE kit...
    Today I went to sleep before 11pm...
    Today I ate less than half a packet of biscuits...
    Today I went downstairs without being wrapped in a duvet...
    Today I remembered the difference between the bin and the food waste caddy...

    I could go on!

    1. The PE kit one was in my original draft but then I thought that no teen could be as forgetful as mine - seems I was wrong! Yes to all of the other things on your list too. As I say, an untapped market... ;)

  2. Today, I flushed the toilet! Or is that just my 2???

  3. Yes to all of these! Living with teenagers is hell, someone should write a manual on how to deal with them. There's loads of advice for toddlers and babies. but teens not so much!!! *tears hair out* *picks up plate after teen x 1million* :) xxx

    1. I reckon between us we might have enough material for a book by now Kerrie? xx

  4. hahaha! I love these....I would buy cards like this and make my teen pose with them when she did something amazing. lol

    1. You could try! Mine weren't keen (can't think why). The trouble is if there were a pack of cards like this it would be huge - there are so many possible milestones after all!

  5. Ha ha love this and agree 100%! I particularly smiled at the 'Today I replied to a text my mum sent me'. Why is it that teenagers seem unable to reply to the people who matter but are first on it with friends?! What about....'Today I changed the loo roll' *faints*.

  6. Today I folded my clean clothes AND packed them away in the cupboard!
    Today I ironed a school shirt without complaining!
    Today I remembered to clean my cats' litter trays without being reminded!

  7. Today I spoke to my sister voluntarily without grunting


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