Friday, 29 July 2016

Back to School with BIC Pens

A few weeks ago you may recall me mentioning that I had been busy making lists of the things that my five children needed for going back to school in September.  Never ending long long lists... *sigh*

With the pre-teen boy starting high school in September and needing such a lot of new uniform and other supplies, one thing that had completely slipped my mind was that he would be requiring a pencil case and a whole lot of pens to go in it.  In fact, on his taster day recently I was scrabbling round the house at 8.00 am looking for pens, pencils, a ruler and a pencil case to put them in - he'd never needed these things up until this point as his primary school provided the lot!

So, I was delighted when BIC got in touch asking if I'd like to take a look at their back to school range of pen sets.

We were sent a couple of sets from the range, one with BIC Cristal pens, retractable ball pens, pencils, correction tape, a glue stick and an eraser, and another with three different types of highlighter pens in a selection of colours.

The pen and pencil set is a great starter set for making sure your child has everything they need for their first day at secondary school.  In particular I liked the fact that there was a black and a green BIC Cristal included, and a glue stick.  I often buy extra of these things throughout the year and so it's good to have these essentials in a set like this already.  My older children use pencils a lot too (they are both taking Art GCSE) and so to have five included in the set was a bonus.  Also, aren't they funky looking?

I've bought similar unbranded supermarket sets in the past but the quality of them is nothing like the BIC sets, with cheaper pens running out after about a week or worse still, leaking, I've learnt the hard way that you really do get what you pay for!

My teen girl instantly claimed the retractable pens for herself, although I had a sneaky try in my diary with them and thought that they were brilliantly smooth to write with.  I also liked the rubber grip - very comfortable for a left-hander like me!

The highlighter set was fantastic too.  I've never seen such a huge pack of highlighter pens and they are a brilliant buy if like me you have more than one teenager taking exams.  I know that my two are both going to get a lot of use out of them with all the notetaking and text annotation they do in class and at home.  There are a good selection of colours and sizes in this pack, so everyone can have one of each - perfect!

Top to bottom: Original, Comfort and XL Highlighters from BIC

They also happen to be great for highlighting my running plan too!

All in all, we really liked these packs of pens, although if I had one tiny criticism it would be that the mixed set could do with a few more black pens going in there.  My two older kids go through what seems like hundreds of these a year and so one would only last us a few weeks if that!

Having said that, I'm pretty sure that the pre-teen will have everything he needs in this set to start him off at high school in September providing that the older two don't pinch it all for themselves first.  One less thing to worry about.

*crosses pens off the list*

The Back to School 15 piece pack has an RRP of £9.99 and is available from ASDA, Wilko, Morrisons, Staples and B&M Retail. The Highlighter 15 piece pack also has an RRP of £9.99 and is available at ASDA, Wilko, WH Smith, Staples and B&M Retail.

We were sent the two sets mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

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