Wednesday, 23 March 2016

20 reasons my twins argue

Sometimes people say to me "Oh, its so nice when you have twins because they have someone to grow up with and a special bond". These people generally turn out to have no experience of twins whatsoever.

To be quite honest, I'm not seeing much of this special bond they are supposed to have lately.  I don't think I've ever seen it.  They pretty much ignored each other for the first five months of their lives.  The first time they noticed one another, twin girl giggled at twin boy.  In my head it was because she was pleased to see him (he'd been in hospital - first time they'd not really been together all the time) but now I think about it she could have been laughing at him...


As their mum I'm used to the bickering, but lately it feels like it is non stop.  To illustrate, here are some of the reasons they have argued recently.

1.  One of them finished the coco pops before the other could have some
2.  One woke the other up
3.  Twin boy wouldn't let twin girl into his bedroom, which would be fine but they share a bedroom
4.  One is taller than the other
5.  One had new shoes and the other didn't
6.  Twin boy bought some Lego with his pocket money and it came in the post.  Twin girl cried because she didn't have any
7.  Twin girl bought some books from Amazon, when the parcel came twin boy cried because he didn't have any
8.  One has more wobbly teeth than the other
9.  One had new clothes (which were hand-me-downs from one of the older kids) and the other didn't (they had actual new clothes which weren't as exciting).
10.  One wouldn't let the other out of the car
11.  One wouldn't let the other into the car
12.  One wanted the light off at bedtime and the other didn't
13.  One wanted a bedtime story and the other didn't
14.  Whose turn it is on the swing first
15.  One got a longer go on Club Penguin than the other
16.  Who should have a bath first
17.  One beat the other in a race
18.  It wasn't a race
19.  One twin looked at the other one
20.  One twin ignored the other one

Trying to get them to play nicely and agree on nearly almost anything is impossible.  They don't even like the same flavour ice cream.  I give up.

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm really cut out for this twin parenting lark.  Maybe their lack of a bond is my fault?

And then, just when I'm slightly out of earshot, but not totally, I hear it...

"You're my best friend"

"Your're my best friend too..."


Parenting twins?  Nailed it.

She is not strangling him here, I promise.


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