Tuesday, 15 March 2016

10 reasons why family life is better in Spring

Well, wasn't the weather at the weekend amazing? (I'm sorry if you live in a part of the world where it wasn't, but it was nice here).

Not only did it stop raining long enough for anyone to actually notice, but it was sunny!  Actual real life sunshine!

Actual real life blue sky!  I took this after the school run where people really smiled at each other!

Is it just me of is there something about the sun shining that makes everything in life seem somehow better? It's like nothing is too much trouble (my husband even did garden jobs this weekend, which he hates) and the boring old winter is finally leaving us, hooray!  The sun brings out the best in everybody, and I've noticed that while the sun has been shining these past few days, my life seems a little easier.

So here are ten reasons why Spring is so much better than Winter when you have a family.

1.  Everyone gets up at the right time - no more yelling up the stairs into the dark abyss of the teen's bedroom until they realise that it's ten to eight and they haven't had their breakfast yet, let alone got dressed.

2.  The school run is better in the sunshine.  Fact.  There is no getting gloves and hats and thick winter coats on which takes an age (OK you still have to yell a bit about putting shoes on but let's not kill the mood too much, eh?) Other people on the school run smile at you just because it's sunny, your children smile because it's sunny (no wet breaks for them today) and hell, even I have smiled on the school run when it's sunny (yes, it's true folks) and I hate the school run more than anyone I know.

3.  You can put washing out.  There comes a point in every year when it's been so long since I put washing out on the line that I've forgotten you could even do that still.  And then, sunshine arrives and my first thought is "Yay!  Finally, now I can wash all the PE Kits and sheets and towels and uniforms and I have somewhere to hang them all - at the same time!".  Who says my life is dull?  Also, sunshine gets Super Noodle stains out of the teenager's white school shirts - my excitement knows no bounds...

4.  You can put your winter mum coat away.  And swap it for your spring/summer mum jacket.  I am only excited about this because I have bought a new mum jacket this spring mind. #ilovemynewmumjacket

5.  Speaking of coats, you no longer have to yell at your teenagers to go and put a coat on, or watch them freeze half to death on a family walk when they refuse.  It's one less piece of leverage they have over you. #mumsalwayswininspring

6.  You can let your children run around in the garden after school.  No more arguments about who's turn it is on the XBox although you will have to referee over who gets a go on the swing/with the football/whatever first.

7.  Even doing the school pick up in the afternoons is better.  Hanging around the school playground in minus temperatures is beyond miserable, but waiting for your children to come out of class when its sunny doesn't seem half as bad, even though you still waste just as much time waiting. #alwaysbloodywaiting

8.  For some reason as soon as the weather picks up, my family suddenly are a bit more open to the idea of eating salads at mealtimes.  I have no idea why sunshine = lettuce based foodstuffs but I'm going with it. Hello barbecues and salads, hello easy dining and not having to make casseroles and soup any more - well, not for at least another six months anyway.

9.    Spring is here, which means Easter is on it's way.  And Easter eggs.  While housing 20 or so Easter eggs is more annoying than the plethora of Advent Calendars we had at Christmas, there is one important difference.  Someone OK me has to help the kids eat them all, right? #iamlookingaftertheirteethhonest

10.  National Trust properties.  Even my recalcitrant brood are willing to visit a NT garden or two when the sun is shining.  They just look nicer in the sunshine, don't they (children and old buildings)?

Of course, the better weather means that the Easter holidays are just around the corner too and probably also two weeks' worth of torrential rain and freak snow showers.  Also the age old cry of "Mum, we're booorrrreedddd!" as the garden, park and promise of ice-cream at the local National Trust hangouts is cruelly snatched away from us. Gah!

Never mind.  Won't be long until summer...


  1. It was such a lovely weekend here too....I got very excited about hanging the washing out...Probably too excited. lol
    The rain has returned today though. Ugh!
    Even if it does rain over Easter there is a lot of chocolate to make things better. hehehe

  2. So very true! I love the spring because a) it's not winter and b) it means it's nearly summer and I really, really love summer! It just makes the world seem a better place. Sometimes I wonder how we even survive the winter!

    1. Yes! Looking forward to some nice spring time running too!


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