Sunday, 1 November 2015

Keeping the kids entertained in London

In a few weeks time I'm off down to London for Mumsnet Blogfest (Hooray!).  I can't wait. In the meanwhile, my poor long suffering husband will have to entertain five children without going completely insane.

We have thought about all of us going down to London and making a weekend of it, but how can we keep all of the kids, aged between 6 and 15 years old happy and with plenty to do?

We've taken the family to London before, hit all the major Museums and so I doubt doing this again would offer them anything new.  One place they haven't been to is the RAF Museum in London, and until details of this landed in my inbox last week, I had no idea that such a place even existed.

I've had a quick look at their website, which reminded me that the RAF also have a museum at Cosford which we have been to more than once, and which is fantastic for family groups like ours.  Their London museum also looks superb with plenty to see and do.

My teens and my pre-teen have all been learning about WW1 at school in the past year and the First World War in the Air exhibit would be great for them to look at to help tie all their knowledge of the war together.

WW1 Exhibit

My twins, having just really started to take off with their reading, love looking around anywhere where there is plenty to read about.  There are over 100 aircraft at the museum and so they'd certainly be able to find something that interested them, plus all that exploring would more than likely tire them out! ;)

Did I mention that my husband is a bit of a history buff and loves looking around RAF planes too? Hence our many visits to Cosford and the fact that every time the Vulcan makes a flight he looks up the flight path to see how close it is to our house. *sigh*  Well, there is a Vulcan bomber on site at the museum - perfect!  I bet he wouldn't get much further than that to be honest, although if he did, for the very small price of £8.50 he could even book a place to climb inside a Spitfire cockpit.

Not my husband but Martin Kemp in a Spitfire

See, so much to see and do.  If we were closer it would have been great for this very rainy boring half term we've had this past week.  Did I mention that it is also entirely free to look around too?  Just watching this trailer tired me out!

If you are also looking for something to do in London for the rest of the half term and beyond, do check out the RAF museum website here.

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