Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Drink more water with Infruition!

I'm always nagging my children to drink more water and stay away from the juice and fizzy drinks.

But, from their point of view it isn't that easy, after all juice and fizzy drinks = exciting and water = boring.

They have a point.

So when Infruition approached me a few weeks ago and asked if we'd be interested in trying out their new Infruition Kids water bottles I was sceptical to say the least.

Could something as simple as a water bottle really make my kids stop reaching for the orange squash and take to drinking water instead?

So, we decided to give them a whirl.

Each child chose a different colour - the biggest three children had the standard Infruition Sports bottles and my six year old twins had a bottle each from the new Infruition Kids range.

So, what's different about Infruition compared to other water bottles?

The bottles are like any standard reusable water bottle to look at, but the main difference is that attached to the lid inside there is a removable chamber in which you can put fruit, veg, tea and herbs - really anything you want to flavour your water with.  Your chosen flavour then infuses with the water in the main bottle through narrow holes in the chamber to turn water into, well, something more interesting!

Infruition Kids bottle, lid and chamber

Infruition Kids carrying handle

The bottles have a flip top lid which is leak proof too.  A few times they were left on their side on the furniture in the living room (where I don't usually allow drinks) and the water remained inside the closed bottle.  There is also a handle on the top of the lid for carrying which we really liked.

Once I'd explained how the bottles worked to my kids they were raring to get going with making up their own combinations to try.

We started with what we had left in the fruit bowl - a major advantage of these bottles if you ask me, as I can use up any left over fruit that hasn't gone into the lunch boxes over the course of the week.  After trying Apple and Strawberry, Lemon and Lime, Grapefruit and Orange and even Lemon and Ginger, the children decided that they preferred the taste of the citrus based infusions the best.

Our first fruit infusions!

We were also provided with a small recipe book in addition to which there are recipes on the Infruition website here, but my lot were all happy enough with making up their own drinks.  I may be tempted to try a few of them once they get bored of the current combinations.  I suppose that's another advantage, in that the possibilities for recipes are endless - you can never really get bored then!

Have the bottles actually made them drink more water?

Yes, I suppose they have.

I found it quite easy to make the bottles up with fruit in the mornings and pop them in the fridge for when the children get home.  This means that they tend to reach for them instead of helping themselves to squash.  I also noticed that because they are so convenient my two eldest boys have on occasion used them while they have been plugged into the Xbox of an afternoon.  They wouldn't usually drink anything while gaming, and I do worry that they don't drink enough fluids full stop so this was something of an added bonus.

Teen girl was quite keen to take her bottle to school.  She says she gets thirsty all the time in class and all the school water fountains are spread out too much, so she doesn't often get an opportunity refill her current bottle easily.  The standard Infruition bottle is large holding a whopping 700 ml of water.  Although I worried that it would be a little heavy to carry around, she said it was no bother (what do mums know?) and her water lasted from the start of the day right through to the end.

What about the Infruition Kids bottles, how are they different?

Well, the lids are identical to the Infruition Sports bottle but the bottle itself is not only a smaller kid sized bottle (450 ml) but also comes decorated with really cute patterns.  Twin girl loved hers so much that I'm sure it made her want to use it more.  She kept pointing out all the characters on the bottle to me and was generally very pleased with it.

Decorations on the Infruition Kids bottles

Twin girl had the fruit pattern with a pink lid and twin boy had the forest fox pattern with a blue lid.  I thought both designs were a nice touch to make the whole drinking water thing a bit more fun!

Another thing I like about these bottles is that they are all BPA free and thoroughly safe to drink from.

All in all I have been pleasantly surprised by the Infruition range and we certainly plan on carrying on using them, going forward.  My children still drink the occasional glass of squash at mealtimes but I have definitely noticed that I'm buying less of the stuff now that we're using the Infruition bottles, so they are a winner for me too!

Infruition Kids water bottles are priced at £12.99 each and are available here.  Infruition Sport bottles are also available priced at £15.99 each.

We were sent five bottles from the Infruition range to try for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are our own.


  1. Ooh these are clever and look pretty. I really like cucumber water so this would work well for that.

    1. Yes it would be perfect for that. They are very clever and I've been so impressed with how they've encouraged the kids to drink more too.


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