Monday, 26 October 2015

Half Term at the House of Twits!

We were asked last week if we'd like to try out a brand new app for mobile devices which is based on the classic Roald Dahl story The Twits.  Having only just finished reading another of Dahl's books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to the twins as a bedtime story, they were very keen to try out the app (and of course to then read The Twits).  The timing was also perfect, with half term on the horizon too!

House of Twits is the second app featuring the gruesome Mr and Mrs Twit to hit both Android and Apple app stores.  It was launched of the 22nd October and follows the success of Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss and has been developed jointly by the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Penguin Random House UK, working with interactive entertainment studio Chunk.

In the app, children are encouraged to get their own back on the horrible couple by tricking either Mr or Mrs Twit (you can choose which one).  They can explore the rooms in their house including the kitchen, where you can feed Mr and Mrs Twit, the living room, where you trick them to wake them up, and even Mr Twit's shed, where you can help him by passing him tools (or trick him with the odd feather duster!).

House of Twits

Aimed at children aged 6-8, this app has kept my twins entertained all weekend (through a rather rainy Saturday morning), and if I'm honest I've really enjoyed having a sneaky go on it myself! (Well, it is my iPad...)

On starting the app the player is guided through each of the rooms where you can trick Mr or Mrs Twit with various games.  The object of which is to earn enough trick points to level them up and unlock more rooms and games.

Feeding Mrs Twit mouldy cornflakes

As you might expect, the games are all based on aspects of the book The Twits, such as scaring the birds away in the Twits' garden before they get stuck to the tree branches and get made into pies!

My twin girl (6) was particularly pleased with this app (couldn't get her off it, in fact) and loved the game where she had to feed Mr Twit the bits from his beard, avoiding the nits (ewwww!).  She managed a very impressive high score of 2,510.  Nobody here is yet to beat her either :)

Not only are the games really good fun but the artwork, which is inspired by the drawings of Quentin Blake, are also really nice to look at.  My daughter instantly recognised the author and story based on the way the app looked alone.

From a parent's point of view, I love that the app draws on so many aspects of The Twits story and that it has given my pair and interest in reading yet another of Roald Dahl's classic books.

I also liked the fact that once the app is downloaded that's it - there are no in-app surprise purchases that I'll be begged to make in order for them to finish the games.

In addition to the app, Penguin Random House also provided us with some downloadable Mr Twit masks and a Pin the Glass Eye on Mrs Twit game, which provided my twins with even more gruesome Twits fun!

Argh!  It's Mr Twit!

Pin the Glass Eye on Mrs Twit


Roald Dahl's House of Twits app is available to purchase on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now at a cost of £2.99 which I think is very reasonable given the amount of entertainment it has generated for us. You can find out more and purchase the app here.

We were given a copy of the House of Twits app and some downloadable activities for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are our own.


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