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Fuss-free haircuts at Little BigHeads, Wilmslow

When the school summer holidays started this year, I didn't just think about all the lazy days we were going to have (well, maybe I did to start with), I also thought about the long list of things that I needed to get done in the six weeks before school restarts.  Believe me when I say that with five children of various ages slowing me down, this list can take ages to complete.

One of the things at the top of my to do list was haircuts.  My two girls in particular badly needed their hair cutting.  My littlest, DD2, has been having her hair trimmed by me, but since she started school last year I have been letting it get a bit long (and tying it up for school). I must admit that I was dreading trying to cut it myself again as it has got so much thicker recently, and so my only other option was to take her to a hairdressers for the first time ever.

DD2 can be quite a fidget when she gets a haircut at home and so I was delighted when the people from Little BigHeads in Wilmslow got in touch and invited us to come down and get the girls' hair cut there.

Little BigHeads is a hair salon specifically designed for children with an emphasis on creating a fun and enjoyable experience for both parent and child.

The salon we visited in Wilmslow, Cheshire (they also have a salon in Bramhall too) boasts child sized chairs complete with mini TV screens and a dedicated playroom - perfect if you have other children in tow as I did.  They also have free Wifi and coffee for the grownups (they obviously knew I was coming!)

We were greeted with a very warm welcome by owner Sharon, and once we'd decided who was going first (DD1) and I had settled DS2 and the twins into the playroom area, our stylist Sarah got to work!

The twins get busy in the fantastic playroom at Little BigHeads

DD1 had very specific ideas on what she wanted (a short bob - nothing to do with the fact that I had just had the same style a week earlier!) and it was lovely to see the care and attention Sarah took in listening to her requirements and creating the style for her.  

The "before" picture

DD1 going for the chop

Nearly finished

Happy new hair!

As you can see, DD1 was so pleased with the result, as was I.  I think Sarah did a great job, don't you?

Next DD2 had her turn.  Having seen her sister's haircut she just wanted to copy, but Sarah suggested that it might be too drastic a change and so we settled on a slightly longer bob instead.

Discussing how short to go

I was rather worried about how Sarah was going to keep DD2 still enough to cut the back of her hair evenly.  It is the one area I have always struggled with when I've trimmed her hair at home, but this is where the tiny DVD players by each chair came into play.  Sarah got DD2 to hold the screen on top of her lap and so she was looking down at just the right angle for Sarah to cut her hair.  Simple but so effective!

The lure of watching minions was too great - DD2 didn't move an inch

In fact, I'd say DD2 was remarkably calm throughout the whole haircut, which is quite unlike her!  The staff at Little BigHeads are excellent with their tiny customers and I while we were there we saw plenty of much smaller children who came in reluctantly but who left after their haircuts with smiles (and a lollipop - very important that!).  

Still nice and calm - no fidgeting whatsoever!

Finishing off our second haircut of the day

As it was DD2's first time ever at a proper hair salon, the staff at Little BigHeads made and extra special fuss of her once her cut was compete.  She had a spray of glittery hairspray and a certificate as well as a lock of her hair, which was wrapped up in a pretty organza bag, to keep.  

The finished haircut, complete with glitter
 (which you can't really see, but I can promise you, she was thrilled!)

DD2's "booty"

There were stickers and lollipops too (including some for my boys, who had been making good use of the complimentary juice and playing with the train track in there while the girls had their hair cut). 

While I was secretly dreading getting the haircuts done with the two boys in tow as well (the teen was happily in his cave at home),  I found myself walking away from the salon feeling very relaxed about the whole experience.  The children were all happy, more importantly the girls had each had fantastic haircuts and it had all been so quick that we were back home in time for lunch.  It felt very good to finally get those haircuts ticked off my list!

Time to go home!

I thoroughly recommend a trip to Little BigHeads if, like me, you are in need of a haircut (or two) for a fidgety child.  I'd like to thank Sharon and Sarah and the rest of the team there for making us feel so welcome on our visit.

You can read more about the Little BigHeads salons and the services they offer (which are priced from £5.00 upwards) on their website here.  They even offer parties and hair cuts for mums too - just brilliant!

We received two haircuts at Little BigHeads, Wilmslow for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are our own.

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