Friday, 31 July 2015

The Fashion Undateables with House of Fraser

So, House of Fraser are running a competition on their blog at the minute asking bloggers to style one of their "fashion undateables" who are looking for a date and hoping to find the one.

Now, despite the fact that it is a very long time since I last went on any kind of date, I'd like to think I know a bit about finding the one, seeing as Mr Soundinglike and I are celebrating 20 years together this year.  If that doesn't make him the one then I don't know what does really.

Out of the two undateables I have chosen Jarrod to style.  I chose him on the basis that those glasses, that hat, that jumper, well, the whole lot's got to go really hasn't it?  It's no wonder the poor guy can't find a date...

Instead I think I've come up with a new style for him, suitable for taking his date out to a restaurant, nothing too formal mind you, although I still think it is important for him to make a good first impression.

Now, in the profile beneath his picture, Jarrod says that he likes a girl who can be one of the lads but not dress like one.  Well, I've got news for you Jarrod, I like a man to dress smartly.  It's no wonder that I fell for Mr Soundinglike when he was my date at a Black Tie Ball is it?

I do love a man in a suit, but suits are a little too formal for a dinner date I think, so I've come up with something a bit more casual but hopefully with enough wow factor to impress Jarrod's date.

Fashion Undateables

Firstly I chose this Ted Baker Haring Pashion Regular Fit Jacket.  There are so many blazers and jackets I liked that I found it very difficult to choose.  This one caught my eye because of the colourway more than anything, in particular the purple detailing.  The purple shirt that it is pictured with is nice too, but I think it would work equally well with a crisp white shirt for a touch of contrast.

I've chosen jeans for a more relaxed feel to the outfit and I don't think you can go wrong with a pair of designer jeans.  These Armani Jeans J21 Regular Fit Jeans fit the bill perfectly.

The Actors Lace Up formal shoes by Howick are just gorgeous (I have a real thing about proper leather shoes).  I love the navy blue laces and perforated detailing on them, which is still smart without being overly fussy.

To complete the look I have chosen this Skagen Ancher tan leather mens watch.  Not only is is a great looking watch but it provides the means for Jarrod to adhere to the most important piece of dating advice I have got to give him... don't be late!

All items are available at House of Fraser Menswear.

This post is my entry into the House of Fraser Fashion Undatables blogging competition.  All words and opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like so much fun- kind of like dressing a doll but with real clothes! I love the touch of the watch!

    1. Thanks - its a definite improvement isn't it?!


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