Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I lunched at school...and I liked it

I have had quite a few school based engagements and events to attend just recently.  You may have seen me mention it once or twice here.

Sunday night arrived and an email pinged into my inbox reminding me of the annual school barbecue which I had paid to attend with my children and promptly forgotten about.

Now, you may by now have realised that despite the fact that I am a stay at home mum and the school run stuff falls into my natural duties, that I'm not massively on board with the whole routine of the school gate.  I think it is a pain in the arse.  There are just too many things to remember aren't there?

Nevertheless I had decided in a moment of madness that I would go this year to the annual barbecue mainly because this is the twins' first year at school, and they were quite excited by the whole novelty of their mum joining them for lunch there.  Who am I to deny them that?

So, after running around a bit to get stuff done in the morning, on Monday lunchtime off I went to the school to queue with a million other parents, grandparents and assorted infant siblings for the barbecue.

I wasn't expecting great things to be honest.  For a start it was pouring with rain.

This naturally meant that the whole event, bar the actual barbecue itself, had been moved inside, into the tiny and now very crowded school hall.

Part of my text conversation with DH (note the times). I can't print the rest of it...

Imagine, too many people, chairs and tables with millimetres between them, dinner ladies on power trips, people trying hard to eat meals out of narrow polystyrene trays with knives and forks (not that easy), and all to the strains of M People's Elegant Slumming, which someone had helpfully put on a CD player at the end of the hall.  It was on full blast, naturally, to aid the party atmosphere (did they have nothing more recent?  I remember that album from when I was at college in 1993 FGS).  I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of listening to Moving on Up as we shuffled along in the queue - I really couldn't have made this up any better...

But it wasn't all that bad.

In fact, I quite liked it.  (The barbecue, not M People)

More importantly, my children were thrilled that I had made the effort.  DS3 said it was "just lovely, mummy".  *melts*

And as a homage to this day, I wrote this, to be sung to the tune of Katy Perry's I kissed a girl and I liked it.

I lunched at school and I liked it 

This was not the day I planned, not my intention.
I got so brave, ParentPay receipt in hand, lost my discretion
It's not what I'm used to, just wanna watch This Morning
I hope lunch is served quick, please pay attention.


I lunched at school and I liked it,
tasted the barbecued hotdogs
I lunched at school just to try them,
I hope my digestion don't mind it.
It looks so wrong,
it tastes so right.
Don't mean I'm in the PTA tonight.
I lunched at school and I liked it (I liked it).

No, I don't ever go to school events, it doesn't matter.
With other mums and dads, nice to sit and have a natter.
It's what good mums do, just how they should behave.
My inbox gets so confused, hard to obey.


Us mums we are so forgetful,
Emails, too many, so deletable.
Can't resist a barbecue, so eatable 
Too good to deny it.
Ain't no big deal, it's for the kids.


Of course, there are still many things that annoy me about school life in general, although they make jolly good blog fodder.  For yesterday at least, I realised that school events aren't always terrible, in fact this one was quite good fun.  

Even if the head teacher did cook my lunch.



  1. Ha ha, fab post and it sounds like the kind of "organised fun" that I tend to take an instant dislike too, so glad you liked it and love the lyrics x

    1. Thank you! I usually hate this kind of thing - and why are there about 8 in the last two weeks of term? AND WHY M People!? The ace look on the boy's face kind of made up for all that though! x

  2. You are the funniest gal I know!! As if I just sang along to that, haha, never be listen to it the same again! X

    1. Such an ear worm isn't it? You are lovely for saying that :) xx


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