Monday, 6 July 2015

Brightening up Summer with Fat Face

What does Summer time mean for me?  Pimms in the garden?  Paddling pools and ice lollies for the kids?

Well yes.  Sometimes.

Mostly what I think about when it gets to this time of the year is that there are still a few school events to attend (before I can even think about the Pimms in the garden and paddling pool bit), and what's worse is that I never have anything suitable to wear for them.

The one particular event that I most look forward to, and also want to look my best for, is our school Summer Festival (and I bet you thought I wasn't the festival type, didn't you?).

It's an evening of outdoorsy picnicing fun and watching the whole school perform.  A fabulous way to end the school year.

But, as I say, what to wear?

Jeans are never comfortable when sitting on a camping/school chair for long.  I need something that I can move easily in as I dance and wave my arms along to the music (yes!  I'm that embarrassing mum).  I also need to be able to cover up a bit as the temperature drops into the early evening.

And, I want to look stylish too.

I don't ask for much, do I?

Which is why, when Fat Face asked me to discuss the new summer neon trend and how best to incorporate it into my wardrobe, I was all ears.

My wardrobe is full of navy blue - trousers, jeans, leggings, you name it - it is navy blue.  How could I update it?  With neon, really?  Wouldn't I end up looking like I had just stepped out of the 1980s?

Taking a look at the new Fat Face South Coast Brights collection, I was pleasantly surprised.

The collection is full of pretty tops, practical chinos in funky colours and beautiful brights that would update any outfit with a hint of bold summer colour.

I was so impressed that, bearing in mind my hot date with 250 primary school children, I chose this:

Pretty and comfortable enough for sitting, dancing and having a good time in.  Not a hint of the 1980s in sight.

The acid pink Annie cardigan not only fits in with this year's trend for neon, but provides me with a cover up as the temperature gets cooler later on.  It also goes brilliantly with the maxi dress which is navy blue and white (of course!). I was worried that the neon pink might be just too bright but the Annie cardigan is more a subtle highlighter pen pink than a traffic cone colour. The detail on the shoulders and sleeves is a nice touch too.  I really love it.

The Bea Liana Maxi dress has a pretty feminine pattern and makes a lovely change from my usual Breton stripes. I like that it is smart enough for wearing at a school event without compromising on comfort or style.

I am thrilled with my choice and cannot wait to wear it later this week.

I suppose an added advantage of introducing neon to my summer wardrobe is that for the first time ever, my children will be able to spot me in the audience from up on the stage too!

All I need to do now is pack a picnic.  Perfect!

You can see the South Coast Brights Collection at Fat Face here, and also the new arrivals to their range here for more ideas.

This is a collaborative feature.  All words and opinions are our own.


  1. You've made great choices, I love the dress & I never thought of looking in Fat Face for one. Am having a look now.

    1. Thank you! Fat Face have some lovely dresses - it was a bit hard to choose just one!


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