Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Being a Blogger

I've been tagged by Ally at Messed Up Mum to write about what being a blogger means to me, and after a few glasses of wine with Sunday Lunch this seems like a good idea (all the best ideas follow wine, don't they?) so here I go!

Firstly I am not a blogger.  No.  Really.  I am just a woman who writes about stuff.  On a blog.  Which people sometimes read.  I am not a blogger.  Because, for some reason, even nearly two years down the track I still cannot quite call myself a blogger.  Don't ask me why.

But, what does writing this blog mean to me?

Where to begin?

I am all about the words.  Writing them, manipulating them and being silly with them.  Making people smile with them.  I have always loved messing about with words (I even have a degree in messing about with words, sorry, English), writing this blog is the way I do it.

Writing for me is also about using my voice.  It doesn't matter whether it is moaning about the school run (and yes, I do this A LOT) or a more serious topic of conversation.  This blog is the outlet that enables me to do that.  If my writing resonates with someone then all the better!

Anything else?

Well, I didn't think so, but writing a blog means that I'm part of a community too.  A community of bloggers which is huge and awesome.  It is such a diverse community and what strikes me most is that there is always something new out there, new blogs, new ideas, new people.  I never get bored.  And, I know, I'm not the first blog writer/owner/person/thingy (see? NOT blogger) to wax lyrical about this, but it is true.  

There are of course, bloggers who mean a lot more to me than that.  Friends, people who like me for being me, people who don't just see me as "that woman with five kids".  Some of them I've met, some I've only tweeted but I am proud to call them my friends and also that blogging has brought us together!

Other reasons why I blog.

Well, it seems like a slightly odd thing to say, but for a group of people who are more used to expressing themselves from behind the anonymity of a computer screen, bloggers know how to party!  Blogging events and conferences are very few and far between for me (usually too far or too costly) but attending those that I choose to is one of the highlights of my year.

I love meeting up with the bloggers I already know and those that I haven't met before.  In fact, if I didn't ever go to conferences then Ally and I would never have met at all.  The prosecco and gin at MN Blogfest last year had a lot to answer for!  But didn't I just say, all best ideas follow wine? ;)

Anyway, I'm going to tag a few more bloggers to tell me what blogging means to them:

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  1. I love this & all true, & next time I'm skipping class with the naughty kids too. x

  2. Blogging is boss. We're all so badass ha ha :) xxx

  3. Fab post and sums it all up really! Already looking forward to the next BlogOn xx

    1. Thank you :) I'm looking forward to it too! x


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