Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sweet Memories with Swizzles Squashies

When I was growing up my parents ran a shop in a small village.  The shop sold everything you could think of but the one thing I really remember about it was the counter and all the sweets.  Actually, just imagine being nine years old and your parents buying a real live shop with sweets and a pricing gun (to use this alone was THE DREAM!).  It was fabulous.

A vast section of the counter was given over to every type of sweet and chocolate bar you could imagine, stretching back in tiers so high that you couldn't even reach the biggest bars of chocolate at the back.  The shelves behind the counter in the window were filled with rows of large jars full of loose sweets like Lemon Sherbets, Cola Cubes and Everton Mints, and a set of scales to weigh them out with.

Perhaps my favourite though were the drums of penny sweets, which were lined up on the counter top waiting for children to come in from the village school two doors away and buy them at home time.  You could say that sweets formed a large part of my childhood and I am still partial to a Fruit Salad chew or a packet of Love Hearts here and there.

A few weeks ago while I was at BlogOnMOSI I got chatting to the people at the Swizzles Matlow stand, no doubt enticed by the marvellous display of confectionery they had there too (which was a bit like the Mothership calling me).  They had all my favourites including the humble drumstick and the double lolly (a couple of these came home in my handbag) and some new things that I hadn't seen before - sweets have certainly moved on recently and I went away having found a new favourite in the form of Drumstick flavoured Squashies!

Yes, you read that right.  A sweet that is flavoured like a drumstick lolly and is soft and chewy and really rather moreish.

It is a good job that they come in such generous sized bags.  They are perfect for stuffing in your face before anyone else does sharing *ahem*.

I am sharing here, honest.

Needless to say that the samples I brought back with me didn't last very long and so I was really chuffed when Swizzles Matlow sent us a few more to try.

Squashies don't just come in classic Drumstick lolly flavour but also in new Drumstick Bubblegum or Sour Cherry and Apple flavour.  Both of these were a real hit with my brood.

I'll be honest.  The Love Hearts Squashies may have* been eaten
before I could take a picture of them.  Oops.  *were

Other flavours include Refreshers (remember them?), Love Hearts (they are really yummy too and are like a fruity alternative to the more traditional version), and Double Lolly flavour.  We all had our favourites after trying them all.  I really like that Swizzles has revived these traditional sweets and made them into something new and exciting for another generation of children (and grown-ups!) to enjoy.

See, I told you I was sharing.

As well as producing all these amazing new sweets, Swizzles Matlow currently have a campaign running called Sweet Memories. To take part they are asking fans to either go to their website: and share their sweet related memory (via either a picture or 500 words) or simply share them on social media with the hashtag #sweetmemories.

Here is my Sweet Memories picture from my BlogOn haul:

Although my real Sweet Memory will always be my Mum and Dad's shop.

You can follow Swizzles Matlow on Facebook and Twitter to join in the fun there, and of course you can always just go and buy a packet of Squashies and create some Sweet Memories of your own at home too!

Disclaimer:  We were sent a selection of Swizzles Matlow Squashies for the purpose of this post.  All words and opinions are our own.

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