Tuesday, 19 May 2015

50 Things that make me happy

I've been tagged by Tor over at Tea Cup Toria to share "50 Things that make me Happy".  Usually I am so disorganised that when I'm asked to do something like this I forget, so it is quite remarkable that this has even made it onto a blog post at all.

Are there 50 things that make me happy?  I don't know but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.  Some of these make me happier than others, some of them are just a bit silly, and so here they are in no particular order.
  1. Breton Stripes
  2. Gin and Tonic - a given 
  3. New handbags
  4. Judge Rinder - Everything stops at 2.00 pm every day for this.  Rob Rinder is just brilliant!
  5. When someone compliments me on this blog (rare tbh)
  6. Not doing the school run - bliss!
  7. Bloggy friends - they know who they are :)
  8. Lip balm
  9. A new notebook - all those possibilities!
  10. DS3's laughter - he has the most infectious laugh ever
  11. Crisp Autumn mornings
  12. Writing it all down - better than therapy
  13. Sneaky Weatherspoons breakfasts without the kids
  14. Coffee and walnut cake
  15. Prosecco 
  16. My car passing it's MOT
  17. My favourite mug - its this one:
  18. The feeling I get when I finish a run
  19. Listening to music 
  20. The magnolia in my garden
  21. Getting parcels in the post 
  22. When the kids don't have nits - Ha!
  23. Rightmove - I'm nosey and this is just one giant enabler for that, plus the tagline is Find your happy...
  24. Clothes that still fit
  25. My husband's sense of humour 
  26. Bunches of flowers
  27. Silence - its golden
  28. Funny blog posts - written by so many talented people who make me smile
  29. Hot cups of tea
  30. An empty washing basket 
  31. My "House" box set - I cried when it finished but now I can watch it again whenever I like
  32. Earl Grey Tea
  33. New Socks and tights
  34. A clean house
  35. Bubble baths
  36. Dim Sum
  37. Good hair days
  38. Sunday lunch 
  39. Scented candles 
  40. Homes Under the Hammer - like Rightmove but on the telly
  41. Toast and Marmalade
  42. Old friends
  43. My family
  44. Christmas
  45. People who say "Register Office" - it is not "Registry Office"*
  46. People who pronounce Patent correctly - Pat-ent not pay-tent* (can you tell I'm getting a bit bored of this list business now?)
  47. Having a meal cooked for me
  48. Handmade cards from my children - just hold the glitter!
  49. Coffee
  50. Sleep
So there you go!  There are probably a lot more than 50 things that do actually make me happy come to think of it.  Anyway,  I'm going to tag some other blogging folk in so that I can check out if their lists are as barmy as mine.  Emma-Lou, Look at you, The Uncheshire Wife your turn!

*  Yes really.  If people get these right it does make me happy but that's years of being married to a pedant lawyer for you ;)


  1. Haha love the list & can relate to many on it, my box set would be The Good Wife though.

    1. I haven't watched The Good Wife yet - have heard a few people raving about it - maybe after I've finished House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black...

  2. Having a meal cooked for me is a good one, what a treat it is when you do most of the cooking. I'm sorry to say that I didn't know about the word 'patent' until pretty recently! Doh! Really enjoyed reading your list :)

    1. Ah but you will at least be making me happy when you say it properly now! ;) Glad you enjoyed the list and thanks again for the tag :) x

  3. Great list, made me smile. I love your mug, and yes, I cried when House finished, too! x

    1. Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one who cried at the end of House - it was ace wasn't it? :)


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