Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ten things I love and ten things I hate about running

Back in January I started going running.  And guess what?  I am still going running.  Three whole times a week!

Which is crazy because I never did like sports much and I've always hated exercise/the gym.

Anyway, inspired (kind of) by the London Marathon last Sunday I thought I'd write a bit about the best and the worst things I find about going for a run.

Maybe it will encourage you if you are thinking of taking it up too, or maybe you'll just have a really good laugh at me.  Whatever.

Things I love about running:
  1. It's free!  There is no joining fee, just step outside your front door and go!
  2. I can go at my own pace.  I can go quickly or slowly or even stop altogether if I want to.  So much better than any exercise class as I am the one in charge.
  3. It helps me to think.  Running helps me clear my head and switch off.   
  4. Fresh air and sunshine.  What's not to love about the sun on your face and the wind in your hair?
  5. I'm shrinking!  Really, I am.  Around the middle mainly.  
  6. Runners' camaraderie.  Other runners are very friendly and always nod and smile.  I was given a thumbs up by a woman in a car the other week - I like to think that she was a fellow runner too.
  7. Runners' high.  The feeling of completing a run never really wears off - on the days that I run I'm always happier.
  8. New found internet shopping experiences.  A whole world of stuff that I didn't realise I needed until now.  Mostly I covet fancy trainers and sporty headphones.  I love a bargain too.
  9. Seeing the numbers increase.  A bit like blogging stats, running stats are really quite a fascination of mine.  The further and quicker I go the better. (I have recently been using two GPS apps at the same time to see which one has the best results...)
  10. Listening to music.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy this.  I have even dipped my toe in the waters of running music (yes, there really is such a thing).  This is strangely hypnotic and even improves my running but I always feel like I've inadvertently walked into a nightclub in Ibiza - particularly when the voice over coach tells me he's giving me a party tune to increase my pace (WTF?).

Things I hate about running:
  1. Pavements with dog poo on them.  Just pick it up!
  2. People who leave their wheelie bin in the middle of the pavement.  Move the damn bin it is in the way!
  3. Judgy pants neighbours/drivers/anyone.  A woman in a car a few weeks ago smirked at me as I ran past her.  Granted, I may have looked a bit of a sight, but I still felt a bit sad about this.
  4. Blisters.  So.  Many.  Blisters.  Including a blood blister the size of Bournemouth on my toe.  Just heal will you?
  5. Pulled muscles.  Ouch.  Pass me the ibuprofen please. 
  6. Drivers who don't indicate.  I always check to make sure nothing is coming when I cross roads and in particular junctions.  The thing is IF YOU DON'T INDICATE THEN I DON'T KNOW YOU ARE TURNING.  Idiots. 
  7. People who try to talk to me.  I don't mind stopping to chat, but if my headphones are in then I'm listening to a podcast and trying to understand the instructions.  Its really hard to do both.
  8. Lycra.  Sadly a necessary evil.  Just the most unflattering fabric ever.
  9. The 4k point in every run.  Always the point where I ache and am considering stopping.  I have no idea how marathon runners manage 26 miles and have so much respect for them.
  10. Technology.  Primarily my phone, which has a mind of its own and messes up my stats sometimes.  This probably says more about my ability to operate it than the technology itself.
Granted some of these things are rather tongue in cheek, but even now the first flourish of excitement from starting Couch to 5K 15 weeks ago has well and truly worn off, I am still enjoying my new hobby.  

Mostly.  Unless you leave your bin in my way or try to run me over...


  1. Ahhh, just when I was thinking about running you've given me ten great reasons not to! xx

    1. Hahahahaha! No, but you must run, it's ace! I promise the good outweighs the bad :)


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