Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Couch to 5k - the end!

Hello?  Is anybody still reading this?

(Chances are not, as I've been absent for the past week or so for reasons I'll try to explain in a minute)

I know I said I was going to keep up to date with blogging my final few weeks of C25K but that fell by the wayside and really?  It was all just lots of running.  Running and pain.

28 minutes of running in Week 8 which seemed fine, until I started aching and then my phone decided on one morning to turn off and so I ran round in complete silence with only the sound of my own wheezing for company - which was horrific.  I completed Week 8 on a bit of a low as I couldn't see how I was ever going to manage the final week without keeling over.

At the start of Week 9 I wanted to feel excited to finally be near the finish, really I did, but all I could think about was more aching and the attractive blister which had appeared on the side of my foot.  Bleurgh.

But, I wanted to finish this.  I needed to.  I had come this far (and I'm stubborn and so was never really going to give up without a fight).

If you read this blog regularly then you will notice that I didn't post anything at all last week.  The truth is my brain went to mush (and is still a bit soggy at the moment - I can't quite believe that I've typed this post) and all I could think about was completing that final run.  Everything went on the back burner last week.  The most annoying thing is that over the past few months I have really enjoyed getting out for a run.  It has given me more energy for other things too.  More time to think.  I'm usually so full of ideas for blog posts when I return from a run and yet last week all I could think about was the running itself.  It was my only priority and I was tired out by it.

30 minutes of running.  Once. Twice.  Then the final time.

Yay...sort of

I had done it.

This is good.  Don't get me wrong.  I am pleased with how far I've come, and I've even noticed that I have started to shrink a bit around the middle so there have been some positives in this whole thing.

My main issue is that last week taught me that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am still quite unfit.

My plan is to continue with the 5K runs for the next few weeks.  Try a few different routes even.  I had thought that I would join in with the 5K Park Run event every Saturday which is held just down the road from where I live, but the thought of running with other people and being timed while doing it doesn't fill me with huge excitement at the moment.  As I say, I enjoy having the time to think by myself rather than the competitive element of running.

So, my plan going forward is to complete the NHS Choices podcasts available for graduates of Couch to 5k.  I may write a blog post on this if my writer's block ever lifts.

If you've completed the Couch to 5k too I'd love to know how you got on - do leave a comment.


  1. You have done brilliant - well done you! It is bloody hard, and I gave up after only being able to run and by run I mean "lightly jog" for about three minutes!!! There is a book called Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Hemmings?? I think. I forget now. But it is brilliant. Have a Google. If you wanted to get properly back into it then that's the book to read - funny and honest :) Well done, you should be very proud! xxx

    1. Thank you! :). I'll have a look for that book now although I have been running again this week now that the kids are back at school. I've just downloaded an Audiofuel app for next week to try in the hope that it will make me faster!


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