Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Couch to 5k - A Week 4 and 5 mash up!

Oooh, it's been ages since I've written an update on my Couch to 5k efforts and so here it is!

Because its been so long I've now completed both week 4 and week 5 and so I thought I might as well lump them both together in one post.

If I could think of one word to sum up both of these weeks it would be... HARD.

They were in fact harder than I could have imagined and despite completing them both I still don't know how I managed it.  It wasn't that what I was asked to do that was more difficult than usual but it just took more of an effort to do it.  No idea why.

I do of course also feel an enormous sense of achievement for getting this far - I'm over half way through now!

The last few weeks have not been without their downsides however.  As I say, I really have started to outpace my comfort zone now and after my final week 4 run I woke up one morning with a trapped nerve in my neck/shoulder.  I could barely move my neck and this was a bit of a set back (coupled with the fact that it was half term anyway and so I couldn't go for my usual morning run because I needed to be at home).  So, a whole week passed without me doing so much as walk to the end of the road.

By the time I started week 5 last weekend, I was feeling quite reluctant to say the least.  It took quite some effort to get back into the right mindset for running again, and although my shoulder pain has almost gone I did wonder if the running was starting to become more of a hindrance to my health than a help.

Once I'd done that first run, however,  I felt a lot better. Even my shoulder felt better.

So, I did the second one and then the third which was 20 minutes of continuous running!  20 minutes without stopping!  Me!

And, although it was harder than I was used to it felt great.

Only four more weeks to go.

Looking at the plan for the next few weeks there will be a lot more running and a lot less walking breaks in between.  Suddenly this doesn't seem daunting to me anymore.

I can do this.  I will do this.

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