Thursday, 5 February 2015

New Fitness Wear from the Fat Face Activ88 Range

If you've been following my blog regularly you will know that I recently embarked on the Couch to 5K programme.  After starting out quite enthusiastically I decided that in order to maintain this I needed some lovely new fitness wear.

I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been into a sportswear shop in the past year - it is not my usual sort of hangout and so I barely knew where to begin.

I looked at budget supermarket ranges, sports shop ranges, and regular clothes shop ranges (even M&S and Boden do them now).  There is so much choice out there that I found it overwhelming in fact.

Having been a long-standing customer of Fat Face for some time, I noticed one day in the plethora of emails in my inbox that they had sent me an email advertising their new fitness range - Activ88.

This looked like just the sort of thing I was looking for - sporty but with a feminine twist, and because I had already been wearing Fat Face clothes to exercise in I knew that the quality would be excellent (my original trousers and top are seven years old and still look as good as new) and they would be comfortable and fit me too.

But what to choose?

Their range is not vast like some other manufacturers and so I found it easy to navigate the Activewear part of the Fat Face website and find something suitable for me.

As it is still chilly here in Cheshire (minus 2 yesterday!) I wanted an outfit that would take me through to the end of March when I hope to be completing C25K.  I also wanted something that not only covered me up but was more breathable than the cotton fabric of my current outfit (which admittedly is probably more suited to yoga and lounging about on a Sunday morning than serious exercise).

Eventually after coveting almost everything on their website,  I chose the Activ88 Overhead Hoody in black and a pair of Moonlight Garden Flare Trousers.

What I love about the Activ88 range is that the clothing is made from breathable fabric that is not only lightweight but thin enough not to impede your running ability.

My first outing wearing my new clothing was somewhat easier than my previous runs had been.  Maybe it was because I am actually getting slightly better at this now but I like to think that the clothes actually helped!

Stylewise I'm very pleased with my choices.  Initially I wasn't sure about the top as it had stitching in a bright yellow colour but it has actually really grown on me and I would consider buying other pieces with similar colours - there is a lovely vest top in the same colour which I have my eye on for the summer when it is warmer, maybe as another reward for myself if I manage to keep all this up.  It even matches my sports bra too (not that anyone can see, but I feel more co-ordinated which is all that counts).

Little details - bright yellow trim and a thumb hole on the sleeve

Mesh side panels for breathability

Matches my M&S sports bra - very co-ordinated!

The trousers are also really great, less flappy then my yoga trousers and have flat stitching which doesn't irritate me when moving.  The waistband is also very pretty, you can't see it close up on the website but the pattern gives a nice feminine touch to what is otherwise a pair of black exercise trousers.  I also like the small pocket in the back of the waistband which could be used for a door key.

Pretty patterned waistband

Key pocket inside the waistband

After my run, which was noticeably less hot and sweaty than usual, I gave my new gear a quick wash ready for next time.  They are machine washable and also tumble dryer friendly but I hung mine overnight on a clothes airer and they were ready again for the next day - also because of the type of fabric they are made from I didn't need to iron them which is always a bonus in my book!

Having a new outfit that is more suited to the type of exercise I'm now doing has not only made me feel better prepared but actually makes me want to get out there and run all the more.  I'd definitely recommend it!

This is a collaborative feature, all words and opinions are our own.

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