Monday, 2 February 2015

Couch to 5k Week 2 - Running equals Gin points

Hello!  Remember me, the woman who is currently making a total fool of herself by running around her local neighbourhood like a hot, sweaty, unfit mess?

Post run, hot sweaty mess - yep, that's me

Yes, that's me, and now I have Week 2 of Couch to 5k behind my sizeable derri√®re under my belt.  Hooray!

I'll tell you how that went in a minute.

Firstly, I wanted to talk a little bit about how I've been rewarding myself for this immensely important milestone in my running journey.

You know how I talked about my trainers with graters in the heels last week?  Thanks to everyone who gave me advice by the way - very useful.  Well, I decided that this was quite an important area to address if I was to continue on this path (or indeed pavement) to fitness and so for most of the past week I have been researching new footwear.  Apparently I'm an overpronator which in other words means I've got flat feet.  This is not good for running if what I've read is true and has led me to spend what feels like hours over deciding which running shoes to buy.  Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Asics - which is best?  What type of midsole?  Do I need gel cushioning?  Why are they all in such hideous colours?  Will I ever be able to chose the right thing? I have no idea!  

So, going off the reviews on Amazon I decided to go for a nice entry level pair of Asics in white (with a hint of pink). They have a list of features, none of which mean very much to me but they do have that all important arch support and came in at less than £30.  Bargain.

In addition to those I then went ahead and bought myself a sports bra too (thanks M&S 20% off).

These are little things but ones that hopefully will not only keep me comfortable but also spur me on a little bit.

Of course my running outfit then needed a bit of a spruce up and I have had my eye on some of the new Fat Face activewear for quite some time... In fact, I am going to be devoting a whole other blog post to that later this week, so do check that out, because it's fab!

Right, so on to the running then.

As I mentioned last week, I have been attempting to use Map My Run to track each session and tell me not only how far I have run but also how fast.

Unfortunately the whole thing has been a bit hit and miss.  It worked fabulously the first time I used it and then?  I launched all my apps (C25K, Blinkbox Music, Map My Run) for the second time and by the end of the run Map My Run had helpfully decided that I hadn't actually been anywhere and had in fact been standing by my front door for a full thirty minutes.

It seems to work sometimes provided that I launch the apps in the right order, although I then get a conflict with the sound levels on Blinkbox Music which needs to be turned up so that I can hear it over the C25K app.  Then as soon as Map My Run kicks in to tell me my time and distance (or if anyone texts or tweets me) I get deafened by music.  Anyone got any ideas on how to stop this?

Aside from all that the great thing about Map My Run is that not only does it keep a map of your route and times but it also gives you an idea of calories burned. At the moment, over three runs I am burning close to 1000 calories which is not lots but roughly equates to six and a half double gin and tonics!  Or gin points as they will now be called (finally, she gets round to the point of the title for this post).  Not that I'm trying to encourage anyone to drink nearly half a bottle of gin in one go or anything, but it gives you something to compare it to.

I digress.

I still haven't actually talked about the running have I?  Best do that next then.

Run one - to say I was dreading this was an understatement.  How could I get through anything harder than last week?  Then I looked at my app.  Just 90 seconds of running and two minutes walking.  I could do that.  Actually it wasn't too bad at all.

Run two - went great initially.  It was also my first weekend run and so I was quite self conscious of all the people who were about that weren't usually. Somehow, thinking about this and stupid Map My Run playing up again made me lose my place and I ended up running when I should have walked and vice versa.  This meant that I pushed myself a bit too much and paid for it with achy knees the following day.

Run three - was tiring.  I think the aching knees and the fact that I'd not had time for breakfast didn't help.  I also changed my route slightly and had to go round the block and through the shopping centre (past my hairdressers - god I hope he didn't see) on my way home.  The good thing is that despite it being a busy day that day I thought "oh, I'll just fit in my run" and then went and got my gear on rather than thinking "oh, shall I run or not". So it is getting easier to think of myself as a person who does running at least.

Things I've learnt this week

Eat breakfast - blimey woman, if you are going to post advice on the Internet, at least make sure you follow it, won't you?

Running = Guilt free gin - oh yes!  (kidding - please drink responsibly folks)

Don't push yourself - simply not worth it. The calories and distance don't mean anything if you have to suffer aches and pains the following day.  

Shopping for running shoes is nearly as good as shopping for handbags - Having some lovely new fitness gear is making me feel quite motivated at the moment!

There you have it - Week 2 done and dusted.  Please look out for week three next week (provided I'm not under a foot of snow that is) and if you are joining in or would just like to shake some virtual pom-poms at me then please do leave a comment.  Thank you!


  1. I have always maintained if you still look cute at the end of your work out you didn't train hard enough lol ;-) Keep going I have wine points x


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