Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Being a mum of girls - I'm just not cut out for this!

I am a mum of three boys and two girls, as some of you might already know.

Now, being a mum of boys is quite straightforward, as it turns out and I think I'm OK at it.  Boys are fairly low maintenance.  I don't mean that to sound dismissive, it's just that in my experience at least, my boys' needs are easy to address.

But my girls?  There are things about my girls that are a bit different, a bit trickier.  In fact, there is one thing that has always evaded me completely about them... they have all that... hair...

What on earth am I supposed to do with it all?  I don't have a clue!  I never did own a Girls' World styling head as a child and now I know that was obviously my first mistake in future parenthood.

I feel a bit sorry for my girls.  They want fancy hair and hair styling just isn't in my DNA.

I can manage a pony tail as long as I don't need to twist the bobble around more than three times (otherwise it gets twisted round my thumb and cuts off my circulation - is there a way around this I wonder?) and sometimes I can do a fairly OK plait but I am no good at all the fancy stuff, the sort of stuff that makes little girls look pretty.  The sort of stuff that makes people say, "aww, how sweet".  Buns and fishtails are a mystery to me (I have tried using YouTube tutorials to teach me).  Just give me a pair of clippers and it's like an extension of my own hand.  Boys hair is easy peasy to do.  Girls hair is hard.

Epic Fishtail Fail

To give you an example, my eldest daughter was in a fashion show at school last year and one of the sixth formers curled her hair (with straighteners apparently - unsurprisingly I did not know you could do that!) and did her make up.  She looked so pretty and was so pleased that she asked me if I could replicate it at home, but could I?  Could I heck.  I nodded in agreement as she explained how her hair had been done but really I was thinking "Whaaaattt?"  Surely I should know all this stuff?

Where is the hair styling boot camp?  Forget nappy changing and parentcraft, somebody should have definitely offered me the styling boot camp after my 20 week scan - I'd have totally gone for that.

Also, hair accessories and ribbons?  Not good at that either.

I see people with their little girls at the school gate, dressed with pretty ribbons in their hair that actually match their school uniforms.  They look so nice.  Why did I not know about this before?  It's like I've missed not just one but an entire raft of memos on the subject.  It has never even occurred to me that I might need to buy or use this sort of thing.

But, I suppose it's not all bad news.  

I don't spend ages every morning before the school run combing and plaiting, or loads of money on styling products and accessories.  

Actually that's not entirely true.  DD1 once told me she needed some sort of particular hair band and so I stood in Boots for 20 minutes staring blindly at all the hair stuff, picked up something (finally), paid and left.  It was the wrong thing.

I am crap.

My girls don't really seem to mind.  It is probably more my problem than theirs to be honest.

I'll just have to accept that while I may be able to manage a home, a family and all that comes with it I'll never manage to produce an even pair of bunches.

It's OK.  Honestly.

Now, does anybody happen to have a Girls' World they aren't using?  I think I might need some practice...


  1. hahaha! I can't do my girls hair I'm hopeless!
    I did manage 2 plaits last week and was so proud of myself....Boys are so much easier. lol x

    1. Ah Kim, I thought it was just me! How on Earth are we supposed to know about this stuff? Good job I'm not a ballet mum really or else I would be totally scuppered!


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