Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Things I can never stop doing even though my children are growing up

We've made a few changes here over the last week or so.  Firstly, we removed the last traces of big car seats from our family car (which, as it turns out, is actually massive inside without them) and secondly, over the weekend we had a jolly good clear out of "stuff".  Children's DVDs were boxed up (now Music Magpie can have the pleasure of Granny Murray's gurning chops cheery face rather than me), safety catches were removed from furniture (leaving whacking great holes on the inside of all my cupboards, but that's a minor detail really).  My children are growing up.

We're moving on as a family and yet, there are certain things that I cannot stop doing even though my children are no longer tiny.

1.  Buying baby wipes

Who knew that baby wipes were such an essential?  Not only good for sticky fingers, faces and tiny bottoms but now I use them for cleaning things too.  Polishing shoes when I don't have time, degreasing the light fittings in my kitchen. I wonder what's in them that gives them such magical grot removing powers? (actually it's probably best I don't know)  I sometimes wonder how I managed without them - what did I use to clean things with before I had children and a need for wipes?

2.  Shouting "look, police car!"

Picture the scene - I'm driving along in my Housewifes Choice (a big people carrier) and suddenly spot a police car, sirens wailing, racing the other way.  I shout "look, police car!", then realise that not only are my children not really bothered about this kind of thing any more but they aren't actually in the car with me.  The same reaction applies to any kind of emergency vehicle/tractor/digger.  I am trapped in "mum of preschooler" mode, having done this for so many years and now I have forgotten how to stop.

Look!  Police Ca... Oh, never mind...

3.  Sniffing and stroking my children's heads

They aren't babies any more but they still have delicious smelling heads and soft hair after bath time (well, everyone except the teen - I'm not allowed to touch him).  I can't help myself from going in for a quick kiss and a nostril full of that clean child smell.  It's even better if you only buy baby shampoo...

4.  Feeling grateful for every full night's sleep

OK, being honest, my children have always been pretty good at sleeping through the night.  I would even go as far as saying that they haven't given us any trouble with lack of sleep in 14 years of being parents.  That said, I still get that overwhelming feeling of relief when they are all asleep in bed at night. Maybe it's because they can't answer back or argue when they are asleep, or because the house becomes so peaceful but there really is nothing nicer than a sleeping child.

5.  Automatically tuning into Cbeebies

Every morning when I walk downstairs, closely followed by a child or two, I automatically look towards the electronic babysitter to keep things quiet while I grapple with packed lunches and setting the table for breakfast.  The channel number for Cbeebies is ingrained on my brain, my fingers press the buttons without even pausing for a second.  This used to be OK of course but now my actions get met with "But this is for babies!".  So swiftly I change the channel to restore the harmony.  The thing is it is quite easy to navigate from Cbeebies to the other kids channels with the up and down arrows on the remote, and I can't remember the numbers of the other ones anyway.  Or, maybe I'm just subconsciously missing Mr Bloom...

As I say, my family are moving on but there still all these little things that I can't let go of.  Are all mums the same I wonder?

Still, I don't suppose it's a bad thing.  I may be stuck in the past but at least I'll always have clean haired children and shiny light fittings...


  1. We are the same, having a teen I miss buying little kid presents at christmas, although I might go out & get some babywipes!

    1. Ooh yes, get some baby wipes - so many uses! x

  2. I also do not remember how I cleaned before baby wipes lol they are still a staple on our shopping list! I also still turn to cbeebies and shout at tractors. If you find out how to stop please share :-) x

    1. Well, I was hoping that everyone would tell me I need to get a grip, but clearly this is a universal problem among mothers. Not sure about the rest but those baby wipes are so useful, I'm never giving them up! xx

  3. Love it - baby wipes are definitely a staple in this house too, how on earth did I ever manage without them! I find myself pointing out things when alone in the car too!

    1. I think they should stop calling them baby wipes and rename then mum wipes because we need them far more than the babies do!


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