Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wicked Wednesdays

I'm very fortunate in that our primary school infants team provide all the costumes for the nativity play.  It takes a lot of stress out of the whole thing (for me at least).

I did have to laugh when I saw DS3 in his costume this year, for his role as an Innkeeper.

I knew the results would be a little on the large side when he came home from school and told me that his costume "had pins in it, Mummy!"  

The off the shoulder look suits him, don't you think?

Massive respect and a Merry Christmas to all the people that helped with the costumes.  It was lovely to see Angels with gold tinsel halos and Baby Born in her starring role as the baby Jesus.  We had a great time!



  1. He still looks fab even with his oversized costume!!

  2. Oh bless him, he still looks absolutely adorable xx

  3. Aww bless him, he's still smiling :-)

  4. Was surprised too that my son's costume is provided by the school! He looks so cute! #wickedwednesday

  5. Oh bless him! It's massive!!! Hope you're enjoying your festive break! See you back on January 7th for #wickedwednesdays xxx


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