Thursday, 11 December 2014

Okido Magazine - Review

We were recently sent a couple of copies of Okido magazine, a children's science and arts magazine aimed at 3-8 year olds, to review.

Now, for as long as my children have been able to point and speak, a trip to the supermarket or newsagents usually coincides in requests for all sorts of revolting looking superhero themed or pink and purple sparkly publications laden with about a million pieces of plastic tat sellotaped to the front of them.  Then they get them home, wrench the free gift off the front and the magazine ends up being ripped to shreds and unreadable.  There is nothing more soul destroying than seeing this having just parted with the best part of a fiver for the privilege.

What I loved about Okido magazine when I first clapped eyes on it was the fact that it has none of this.  Just gorgeous thick beautifully illustrated pages full of stories and activities and pages to colour in.  It just oozes quality.  I may have even wanted to keep it for myself just a little bit.

Gorgeous illustrations

Recipes and other activities

 But, of course I couldn't do that.  The twins (in particular DD2) could not wait to get their hands on it.  In fact we spent a lovely afternoon sitting and reading the stories, playing one of the games that was on a fold out page in one of our copies (played it 8 times in fact), and then colouring in some of the wonderful illustrations (even though I was gritting my teeth - they are just so beautiful, even uncoloured!).

Pictures that I didn't want them to colour in! (they did eventually)

We loved Squirrel Boy

The magazines come with a new theme each issue and we were sent copies of Holidays and Healthy!  I thought that the content was nicely age appropriate and because the twins have just started to learn to read and write, it was nice to be able to help read it with them.  They are like little sponges at the moment and I really did think that they learned something from reading through the magazines.

Learning about Chicken Pox

We played this eight times!

I was so impressed with them that I showed my mother (who used to run a newsagent herself) and she did an audible gasp of delight when she took a look.  She often buys the children a magazine each and the last time was very uninspired at the choices available for the twins - this magazine is the one she should have bought!

Speaking of buying magazines, Okido costs a very reasonable £4 per copy and is published bimonthly.  If you go to their website at you can order it there and if you are looking for an original Christmas gift for a child then they even do a Christmas gift subscription for £24 at the moment.  Perfect!

We were sent two copies of Okido Magazine for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are our own.

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