Friday, 19 December 2014

Baker Days - Review

This year that we we decided that we wouldn't be buying or making a big Christmas cake.

I'm not sure about you, but ours usually ends up being left until January and then once I'm sick of looking at it, moving the tin around the kitchen and attempting to eat it, I do my best to get rid of it by sending it into school in the children's lunch boxes.

So this year no cake has been made.

When Baker Days recently got in touch to ask if I'd like to review one of their letterbox cakes for Christmas I was in two minds.  What if we couldn't eat it all?  What if it ended up with the same fate as last year's cake?  Wouldn't that be a bit of a waste?

After a quick look as their website, however, I could see that they sold so many different types of cake, different sizes and styles that I was sure that I could find something that would be suitable for us.

The Baker Days website is very easy to navigate.  There are various categories for the different designs of cake.  You can have Christmas cakes, Birthday cakes, personalised cakes, and even cakes with photos.  There are so many different types that I can't write them all down!

In addition to that their cakes come in a range of sizes from the letterbox cake which serves about 4 people to a large cake which serves 40-55.  They even have cupcakes too.

Once you've selected which style and size of cake you want you can also choose from sponge cake, Belgian chocolate chip, fruit, gluten wheat free, and dairy free cake.  There really is something for everyone here.

After a bit of pondering I chose a letterbox cake with a Christmas design and fruit cake inside.  My cake only took a day or two to arrive.  The beauty of the letterbox cake is that, as the name suggests, it fits through the letterbox, so it didn't matter that I was out when the postman called because it was waiting for me on the doormat on my return.

The children were really excited to see the cake.  It was packaged inside a sturdy white box and inside the cake was nestled in a sweet little cake tin.  As it was a Christmas cake we even had a cracker supplied too, which was a really thoughtful touch.

The children had planned on writing their Christmas cards on the day the cake arrived, so we decided to accompany our after school card writing with a slice of cake each.   Perfect!

The cake was delicious and had lovely juicy pieces of dried fruit inside.  The icing was just the right thickness and not sickly like some of the bought cakes I've tried before.  The design we had chosen was really cute and fun.  We managed to divide the cake into more than the advised 4 slices - I think ours made 10 child sized portions in fact.  We had no problem eating it all up either, so no January leftovers ;).

Would I buy a Baker Days cake for myself?

Well, yes.

In fact, I'm really kicking myself that I didn't look them up before now.  With all the 40th birthdays that have passed in the last year or so (and that I've sadly missed due to geography) a Baker Days letterbox cake would have been the perfect gift to send each one of my friends.  Because of the options for dairy free cake they would also be suitable for lactose intolerant family members (who are really difficult to buy for).

Prices start from £14.99 for the letterbox cake, which I think is good value when you consider all the different options you can have to personalise each cake and make it unique to you.

We were sent a Baker Days Letterbox Cake for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

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  1. That looks really good. I also don't tend to buy many cakes as they tend to go to waste, but I'm sure we could manage four slices lol!


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