Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Big Cup Little Cup Reindeer Rocket - Review

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way and that little penguin has made his debut on the John Lewis ad, I feel that I can finally talk about Christmas.

Now, because I have annoying children who can read I won't be discussing their presents here (sorry kids) but what I can discuss is Christmas food and drink.

In my opinion the best thing about Christmas, no?

So I was overjoyed when Big Cup Little Cup (sister company to the brilliant Cafe Pod) sent me a lovely early Christmas present of some of their Reindeer Rocket coffee pods to enjoy.

I'm pretty keen on some of the supermarket stocked brands of Nespresso compatible pods that have recently come on to the market, and have been happily working my way through the ones I could get my hands on at our local shops.  The only trouble with that is that most of the coffee I've bought in this way has been more of an every day drinking sort of coffee.  This is great for most of the time, but what about when you want something a bit special?

Rather unlike some of the supermarket stocked brands the Big Cup Little Cup range, which is available through their online store, comprises a selection of limited edition and small batch artisanal coffees.  I knew I was in for a treat when I opened my package.

I couldn't wait to get it in my machine.

As the name suggests Big Cup Little Cup make coffee capsules that are suitable for both Espresso (small shots of coffee) and Lungo (a long coffee).  Reindeer Rocket is a Lungo capsule.

Now, I confess here I do not have much experience with Lungo capsules.  I have ordered them before from Nespresso and have not enjoyed them all that much.  I prefer stronger coffee than Nespresso currently offer in their Lungo range.  Reindeer Rocket has a strength rating of 9 which made me extremely happy indeed.  My kind of coffee!

Opening the box I noticed that the capsules are individually wrapped - something that I like because the burst of fragrance as you open each pouch is amazing and I know that the coffee is nice and fresh too.  Reindeer Rocket is no exception here.

The capsules are similar to the Cafe Pod ones that I've tried previously in that they are perforated to allow the flavour to come out fully without fuss for a perfect cup every time.  I had no issues with the fit of the capsule in my machine (2009 Magimix Citiz).

The coffee itself not only looked wonderfully rich and velvety, as it poured from my machine into one of the cute glass coffee tumblers that Big Cup Little Cup had thoughtfully supplied me with, but the smell (to quote my 12 year old daughter) was "just like a proper coffee shop".  It was indeed a lovely intense aroma, I have to agree with her on that.

The tasting notes on the box label state that the coffee has flavours of dark chocolate and chestnut with a smoky and spice like finish.  I'd agree with that too.  The spicy hit that accompanied each sip was actually my favourite thing about this blend.  It is so moreish and unlike anything I've tried previously.  Because of this I can imagine it would go nicely with traditional Christmas flavours like  mince pies and brandy butter.

I have tried the coffee in a few ways.  With a dash of milk, as a hazelnut latte, but my favourite by far was to drink it black so that I could appreciate the intense flavours.  In fact, it also made a delicious partner to some liqueur chocolates that I have also recently been taste testing ready for Christmas *ahem* ;)

As a coffee lover I would be delighted to receive some Reindeer Rocket as a Christmas gift (perhaps also with a set of the double walled glass coffee tumblers which you can also buy from their website).

I am very impressed with their website too.  The coffee is a smidge cheaper than Nespresso and as well as choosing individual blends you can also buy ready selected packs.  Kind of like a grown up selection box really!

We will definitely be sipping a cup of Reindeer Rocket on Christmas morning as our children open their presents.  It will be the perfect start to the festivities.

If you would also like to try some Reindeer Rocket or any of their other blends for yourself, then Big Cup Little Cup have very kindly offered my readers a 15% discount against their first order from their website, using the code MYMOTHER15.

We received two boxes of Big Cup Little Cup Reindeer Rocket together with two glass coffee tumblers for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are our own.


  1. What a great review! So pleased you liked Reindeer Rocket!

    1. Thanks Kate. It really was a very easy product to review - so delicious!

  2. This sounds so good! Love the name too :)

  3. Ooh that sounds lovely. Love trying different coffees - will have to have a look on the website and see what else is there! :-)


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