Wednesday, 19 November 2014

100 reasons why school admin has sucked the joy from my life

Well, not 100 maybe but at there are an increasing number of reasons why it gets on my nerves.  I am currently drowning in school related admin, to the point where I may need a PA to deal with it all for me while I get on with all the normal stuff I have to do (like ironing and watching Homes Under the Hammer).

As I write this I can see at least two forms that need filling out in addition to several on line orders and requests to complete ALL BY TOMORROW.  It is worse than helping the children with their homework.

Not yet had this joy with your offspring?  Let me enlighten you...

1.  Filling in emergency contact forms

OK, so when your children start school there are certain pieces of information that schools need.  For example, who to contact in an emergency, like when your child throws up all over the playground in front of all the parents who were bothered to attend on sports day, or maybe who to call when they throw themselves into the school wildlife pond and soak themselves to the skin.* Ahem.

So, this information is held on file in case of such eventualities to be used when the need arises.  Sounds quite straightforward.

Except, whenever your child goes out on a field trip somewhere for more than five nanoseconds, then it is required all over again.  Child going on two trips in the same week?  Surely the same form will suffice?  No.  Please fill it out twice.  Front and back.

Is it too much to ask whoever filed the exact same details only eight weeks ago at the start of term to, erm, un-file it and copy it?

Two trips, two days apart, same child *sigh*

2.  Emails 

I get on average about six school related emails a day.  When both schools announced that they would communicate with me by email I was overjoyed.  I mean, I'd much prefer to read a nice clean uncrumpled email than hunt through the teen's rancid backpack or sift the latest of dd2's artwork to find appropriate letters.  Way more sanitary and easier for us all.

That was until I realised that nobody in either school office knows how to operate email circulation lists properly.  I signed up to one newsletter and now?  Three copies every time (one for signing up and then two further copies because I have two children at the school in question). I am the same person.  I only need the information once.  Surely it would just be easier to add my email address to a school wide list instead of once for every child?

I used to look forward to opening my email inbox ever time it went ping.  Now I just weep a little, my finger poised over delete, as I read the latest goings on at the PTA.

And the other thing?  Who gave the PTA permission to use ParentMail at 11.30 pm on a Sunday?  I do not want to know about Boxercise in the school hall, I want to go to bed.

3.  School blog

Yes, I know, I'm moaning about a blog, but bear with me here.

The blog itself is great.  Who wouldn't like to see what their five year olds have been up to all day? It is in fact like a little piece of magic, especially when I see the puzzled looks on their sweet faces when I tell them that I know what they've been doing all day before they have a chance to tell me.  They think mummy has magical powers!

But, the downside is this.  Information duplication.  (Again.  Do you sense a theme here?).

The teacher likes to send us little reminders on the blog about trips and events that are coming up.  So now I have forms to fill out, emails to read and a blog post all reminding me of the same blardy thing!

4.  School dinner menus

So, after the five emails reminding me that I need to fill out these forms (this time online) I eventually find the original email for the online school booking system which tells me what my password is (seriously Alan Turing could not even crack that one - why all the random numbers and letters?  Why not our surname and/or children's names, something easy to remember.  It isn't as if I'd mind if someone broke into my account and paid for the odd school trip or even did some of the admin FGS). 

Anyway, once I'm in, I am then faced with menu choices for the coming weeks.  This in itself is not too bad, only the menu is the same one for three weeks at a time.  Can't I just fill it in once?  It isn't as if my children are suddenly going to develop a love of meals that they have shunned the previous two weeks in a row.  I speak here as the mother who knows her children's limitations well and who has made the same cheese and ham sandwiches for the last five years for at least one of my children.  Hell would freeze over before their tastes deviated from the standard list of acceptable sandwich fillings.  Adventurous they are not. 

I'll admit that any kind of home admin is not my strong point.  It is all so dull.  But, school related admin is ridiculous.

There must be an easier way?

Anyway I've really got to go now and crack on with those forms.  The school have just emailed to tell me I need to bring a tombola prize tomorrow.  I hope Aldi is still open...

* Both of these things may or may not have happened to DS2 during his school career.  In my defence, I was on the way to sports day (and jolly grateful that I didn't have to stick around and watch in the end).


  1. It's endless isn't it....The emergency contact forms.....Grr!! I filled two in the other week for two different trips! Very annoying!
    I've found it so much worse with my eldest at secondary school....I get so many text messages from the school telling me pointless things!

    1. Thank god not just me then! That form in the picture has to be signed and dated twice - why? Arghhhhh! The texts for clubs that my children don't attend are annoying and pointless too! *shoots self*

  2. you and me both and I work in a school

    1. Oh Claire, I bet you see it from both sides then. It's all changed so much from a few years ago when we were all paper based. There are too many systems! *bangs head*


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