Friday, 19 September 2014

Word of the Week

When I started to think about Word of the Week this week I found that with all the new changes afoot in the past month my Word of the Week had to be

This week has been full of questions.

On Saturday I had the following conversation with DS3 (4)

DS3:  Am I going to school today?
Me:  No, today is Saturday, the weekend.  You don't have to go to school at the weekend.
DS3:  Is tomorrow the weekend too?
Me:  Yes, and then you go back to school on Monday.
DS3:  (punches fist in the air) YESSSSS!!!!

As you can see, he's really settled in and loves going to school - I'm lucky if I get a goodbye kiss these days...

Other questions raised now that we are well in to the swing of the new term - "Have you done your homework?"  Said often to DS1 (although if you read earlier in the week you'll have seen how I've managed to get around that).  Also the quite predictable "What are you going to do with yourself now?", which is being asked of me with increasing regularity at the school gate.  The answer?  Well, watch this space - I think it might need a blog post of its very own sometime.

By the middle of the week DD1 had brought home a letter about the HPV vaccine so I found myself asking "Should she have the vaccination?".  I really need to make a decision.  I'm sure that she should but will feel a bit better about it once I've read up on it first.

Then on Wednesday morning I got a call from the Primary School.  DS3 had fallen over and badly hurt himself.  Could I come and pick him up?  He was fine by the way, but the rather impressive lump on his head was a bit of a shock!  Back to school he went the following day, almost as if nothing had happened.

My very own Mr Bump!

There have been lots of other questions this week too - DS2 wanted to know if I had signed his permission slip for taking a musical instrument home from school. You can read Wednesday's post to find out how that went!

My mum asked if I would go for shopping and lunch with her on Tuesday.  The answer to that is always a yes!  It was so good to get out for the day and do something without the children for a change - we had a fab time.

And the final question from my tribe of five as we close the week, as always, "What's for dinner?????"

Arrrghhh!!  Honestly?  Is it ever anything else?

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  1. Oh, my daughter asks about every meal time well in advance of time - she's clearly always starving! Lots of questions for you this week, and I look forward to reading your blog post about what you'll be getting up to.. :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thanks! I just hope I find some time (and peace and quiet) to write it!


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