Thursday, 18 September 2014

Twizzles - The coolest and most hair raising doll on the market! Review

Its been a while since we were sent any toys to review here so when we were given the opportunity to take a look at the new Twizzles made by Zuru we were only too delighted.

Twizzles are cute little characters with crazy hair and come with accessories for styling them and changing their look.

I'm not really into the whole boy toy, girl toy thing but when ours arrived my two girls immediately took it off to play with, and the boys?  Well, they weren't really that interested to be honest.

The toy itself (a little dog called Peach) is about 4 inches tall and has tufts of hair and little bow and jewel type accessories which can be swapped around and put into the holes in its head.  There weren't any real instructions on the box other than to press the head down, pull the tail and watch it spin.  With a bit of trial and error we eventually managed to get the head locked down and with a flick of Peach's tail her head span around making the wisps of hair on her head go all crazy and funny looking!  DD2 was particularly impressed and wanted to do this over and over again!

Although we don't usually go for typically girly pink toys often (unless you count the My Little Ponies that are breeding under the bed!) she really enjoyed this one mainly because of the styling aspect.  The other thing she liked was that it came with a cute little cupcake which Peach's head followed around and around (due to a magnet inside I think).

As a stand alone toy it held her interest for quite a while but I imagine if we were to add some more Twizzles to our collection then DD2 could spend hours swapping all the different types of hair and accessories around and create even more fabulous styles!

This toy now has pride of place next to her bed at night.  Praise indeed!

I think that it would make a great little gift for taking to a birthday party or even as a stocking filler for any child who enjoys styling or collectable toys.

Twizzles are suitable for children aged 3 and up and come in six designs - Berry, Cherry, Cinnamon, Caramel, Sprinkles and Peach.  Their RRP is £9.99 each.  They are available from all good stockists including Argos, Asda, Smyths, The Entertainer, ToysRUs and Tesco.

You can find out more about Twizzles and watch their official trailer here.

We were kindly sent a Twizzles Peach toy for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are our own.

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  1. They do look cute, and yes, great ideas for classmates parties and so on.

    1. Yes they are. It really is quite hard to come up with new ideas for party gifts when you've had 15 invites in a term!


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