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Gruffalo Games App Review

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is probably one of our favourite children's books here.  I've been reading it to one or another of my children for *counts on fingers* the past 12 years now.  Its really no wonder that I know the words off by heart really is it?

Anyway, I was absolutely delighted when we were given the chance last week to have a look at the new Gruffalo Games app which is available from iTunes.

The app contains six different Gruffalo themed games and is suitable for 3-7 year olds.  With this in mind I duly downloaded it and added to our iPads and let my twins (aged 4) get on with playing it.

The games included are 3 in a Row (like Noughts and Crosses), Nut Catch (where you guide the mouse from the story along the screen helping him catch nuts), Jigsaw (a selection of puzzles if you haven't already guessed by the name!), Snap, Marching Bugs (a number, letter and shape sequencing game) and Match Me, where pairs of pictures are matched up.

By far and away the most played so far has been 3 in a Row.  The twins really like playing against the Gruffalo and trying to beat him!  I think that the graphics are really smashing (all the games are actually), but love the way that the Gruffalo's paw comes across the screen to place his counter in one of the squares.  The game works on a first to win five matches basis and it is usually a race to see who can outsmart the Gruffalo and be the winner!

3 in a Row

DS3 has also really enjoyed the Jigsaw game.  The game works by showing each picture divided into tiles and then once mixed up they have to be swapped back by tapping two at a time until they are all in the right place.  There is a timer at the bottom of the screen and once the puzzle is complete the app records the time and helpfully tells you which is your best time as well!  This seems to really have re-ignited DS3's love of puzzles and he has been asking if he can have some new Jigsaw puzzles of his own for his upcoming birthday.

Snap has also been a winner here and at the weekend even DS2 got in on the action and helped try and win a match against the Gruffalo - it really needed a big brother's help because the Gruffalo is very quick!


We've had a go on the other games too and the Nut Catch game I thought was much easier for little hands to control than similar games played on our computer, as was Match Me.

Nut Catch

The Marching Bugs game is one that I can see coming in to its own when my twins progress through school as it deals with number, letter, shape and colour sequencing, some of which they can do now but some of which is much harder when pitted against a timer (as it is in this game).

Marching Bugs

We've had the app for nearly a week now and it has been very useful in providing much needed downtime for the twins after school (they are still on half days and can be quite tired after lunch!).  I am very happy to let them use it as it is a beautifully put together app for small children and has plenty of educational benefits too.  Even my older children had to agree that it is a fun app to play.  I may have caught DD1 aged 12 playing it but shh, don't let her friends know!

On a more serious note, this app contains no In App Purchases that I can see and so makes a welcome change from other apps aimed at children which are currently on the market.  A thumbs up from me!

Big Brothers can help beat the Gruffalo too!

As you can see, this app is rapidly becoming on of our favourites here!

The Gruffalo Games app  by Magic Light Pictures can be purchased from the iTunes store for £2.99.

We were send a code so that we could download the Gruffalo Games app from the iTunes store for free.  All words and opinions are our own.

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  1. This does look good, and nice and simple, too. My daughter loves The Gruffalo, and games always go down well with her.

  2. I like the look of this and not expensive so worth a try! x

  3. They seems a great app....All the games seem fab x

  4. Really well priced and the no in-app purchases is a big winner for me. Love the Gruffalos paw that comes across the screen. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. Oooh fab! Been looking for a new game for the ipad for the little ones, this sounds perfect! Downloading now :) x x

  6. I'll be downloading this one for Potato for sure. He might be a bit young at the moment, but he loves Gruffalo and I try to have a few apps for him to play in quiet times.


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