Monday, 15 September 2014

Dear Teen Son...


Following the recent ballot by myself and your father (hereafter known as the Parents Union) a unanimous vote has been reached to carry out strike action in regard to the tidying and cleaning of your room and person.

The strike action, effective immediately, will be continuous until such time as you meet our demands listed below:

  • Pick up your own socks and underwear and place them in the laundry basket located in the bathroom
  • Removal of all school shirts from the floor of bedroom and place them in the laundry basket
  • Ensure a coat hanger is used for school blazer (one provided and located on back of bedroom door)
  • Ensure all tablets, phones and other devices are not left charging day and night
  • Use deodorant daily and cut own fingernails without reminder (you cannot underestimate just how important this one is)
  • Removal of school bag from bottom of the staircase where it is currently placed in an unauthorised (and lethal) position
  • Removal and disposal of last years' exercise books from the bedroom floor
  • General care and attention to detail to personal space as exhibited by Pre-Teen Daughter

During this period of strike action we, the Parents Union, will operate a "work to rule" policy.

Meals will still be provided as will packed lunches for school.  We will not remind you of mealtimes and any meals left uneaten during this period will be offered to our other employers (your siblings) or simply thrown out.

We will offer no out of hours prompting for homework and all homework planners and other school correspondence must be left next to my diary at the end of the kitchen worktop for signing.  There will be no further reminders to do this.  This letter will be considered to be your final reminder for this and the fault of any detentions picked up at school as a result of failing to remember these instructions will be borne solely by you.

In regard to the proportion of strike action concerning your room and belongings, it should be noted that unless uniform and other clothing is placed inside the laundry basket, once there are no more clean clothes left it will be up to you to either wash them yourself or live without clean clothing.  Should clothing end up in the laundry cycle it will be processed in the usual way and you will be presented with a pile of clean laundry to return to the drawers and wardrobe all by yourself.

We will not be entering your room during the strike period although we may from time to time operate a flying picket outside and in other areas of the home where we encourage other members of the household to do their fair share of cleaning and tidying.

We believe that this strike action has become necessary due to you (Teen Boy, employer) failing to meet our daily demands with regard to our working environment as parents.

Should demands, as listed above, be met then the Parents Union shall cease all strike action with immediate effect, in accordance with our Union guidelines.

Yours faithfully

Nominated Representative of the Parents Union

Just. Pick. It. Up.


  1. hahaha! Good on you! I think I might try going on strike with my girl. It's worth a try.

    1. Good luck! The Parents Union is always looking for new recruits...

  2. Love these rules - I also have to remind my kids to brush their teeth and use deodorant. What age do you think they realise without doing these things that they smell!

  3. This post makes me feel so much better. We have the same issues with our daughter - I am going to show her this blog post!! :)

    1. Let me know how you get on - I do hope you get more instant results than I seem to be getting...

  4. Oh brilliant, I can relate to it all. I am not reminding my yr10 boy about homework anymore and I'm sure he put yesterdays socks on today, denied it obvs.

    1. Ooh, only the socks? That's a result, although I was quite cheered to find the piles of underwear/socks building up in DS1's room so at least he's changing into clean ones I suppose (I'm clutching at straws here aren't I?)

  5. Just issued FAR harsher conditions to my 17 year old - by text. He cannot be arsed joining this family therefore he's now financially responsible for his iPhone and as he won't do any jobs around the house, I'm refusing to wash his clothes. I am militant tonight. His younger three brothers will hopefully learn from this... 😡

    1. By text! Why didn't I think of that?! And the phone too! My son takes everything for granted around here. Doesn't even bother to push his chair in at the dinner table once he's got up. It is very frustrating- I do feel your pain! Good luck


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