Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Big Foot

One minute your little toddler is happily running around in his new shoes (the ones you've just purchased as a complete indulgence because he didn't really need them yet) like this:

And the next, well just look at what you are forced to purchase in the name of fashion...

They are BIGGER THAN MY SIZE as well.  I am buying adult shoes!  Adult shoes for a child who is anything but an adult at times!!

All I want to do is shout "stop growing!" or at least "slow down a bit will you?".

People talk about the hidden cost of raising a child all the time.  I wish I could hide this cost...

£45!!  They are not even leather!!

The moral of this tale - Teens are expensive not so little blighters.  True fact.

Still, at least DH and I can have his hand me downs...


  1. We have this 'Vans' issue as well! My brother-in-law bought her a pair last year - they were too big but she soon fit into them and now it's all VANSVANSVANS. So far I have been able to assuage this by opting for 'Asda Vans' or whatever but I don't think I have much longer. Dreading school shoes, Philippa - putting it off for as long as possible!! xxx

    1. Ah, yes, we have H&M converse here for the pre-teen. I thoroughly recommend them actually - £6 and they are nearly the same! My school shoe bill? "That'll be £192 please Mrs Tyrer" *faints*. note to self - don't have any more children!


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