Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One more day...

One more day before I no longer have to trip over a thousand school bags and shoes at the bottom of the staircase.

One more day before I won't need to rinse 2 kg of grime out of the bottom of the bathtub every night.

One more day until I'll no longer hear the words "oh, I've forgotten my homework" at 10 pm,

Or "Muuuum, I'm hungry" at 4 pm daily.

One more day until I'll be able to see that the alarm clock says 7.30 am and I know I can ignore it and stay in bed.

One more day until I don't have to bark like a Sergeant Major to get them out of the house on time.

One more day until I won't hear "Mum, I need..." At 9 pm the day before it is needed,

Or "I've left my coat at school" (again).

One more day,

Just one...


  1. Aww, we finished school on Friday - and what a lovely feeling it is too! Your time will come...and enjoy it when it does! ;-))x

  2. Ohhh enjoy the holidays!! We finished on Friday and not having to rush about on a morning is absolutely bliss x

  3. We finished friday, I now have no idea what day it is. : )

    1. You are lucky, only two of mine did - the rest were today, and no I didn't cry when they came out of pre-school for the last time! ;)


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