Tuesday, 29 July 2014


So the kids finally broke up from school last week.

To be quite honest, I'm not sure what the last few days were about as the classroom displays were all being dismantled and changed for the new term, the teachers were clearly ready for a break and there was just a seemingly never ending number of end of year rituals to complete.  DS2 had no fewer than three assemblies on the final day - the poor child was so bored!

Anyway, why graduation?  Well, regular readers will be aware that my twins are moving over to the Reception class at our Primary School next term.  Last week they attended their final session in the Pre-School building.  They have left.  They have not graduated.

Unfortunately they were still subjected to this:

Where do I begin?  No exams were taken, no ceremony, no qualification, and yet they were made to pose for a graduation picture.  Why?  The only thing that has happened is the passing of time, not the passing of exams.  I find the whole thing ridiculous.

I do understand that some parents might see this as cute and just a bit of fun, but how many of the children really understand what posing with a graduation gown, mortar board and fake scroll prop is all about, or even why people do it?  Mine don't.

As a graduate myself I am a little put out.  A ceremony that I spent years working towards and which I didn't find all that easy has been trivialised by my own children's pre-school.

As a way of marking the end of pre-school it is unnecessary I feel.  There has already been a trip to a soft play centre and a graduation (!) party in the past week alone.  None of my older children did any of this at pre-school and they still remember their time there with fondness, even ten years later. 

Still, as I pointed out to DH, on the upside with University fees being as much as they are these days, it might be the one chance we have to see them graduate anything.

Oh well.

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