Thursday, 10 July 2014

10 things I won't miss about term time

Every day just lately it's getting harder and harder to get up out of bed and start the morning routine, or is that just me?  I hate this time of year because the children are hardly doing anything at school (although the older ones love the lack of homework) and they are all really tired.  It's a bit dull.  Kind of like being in limbo.  I wish the holidays would hurry up and get here.  The last few weeks really can't pass by quickly enough.

In my head this morning I was making a list.  A list of the things that I won't need to do in two weeks' time and that I will not be looking forward to come September.  It was very nearly several lists because there are loads of little things that I won't miss (like having Zombie children - but then the teen nearly always is like that anyway) so I am going to share my top ten with you.
  1. Making packed lunches every day at 7.00 am - because there are only so many cheese sandwiches anyone can make at that time of the day.
  2. Washing school uniform including smelly PE Kits! - I have enough washing to do without this as well.
  3. Ironing school uniform - or anything for that matter.
  4. Nagging children to do homework - guaranteed to cause a row of massive proportions.
  5. Nagging children to get out of bed in the morning - I rather like the peace and quiet when they are asleep.
  6. Buying ingredients for Home Economics lessons - always seems to involve buying something that I would never usually get rather than ingredients I actually have in my kitchen, and always remembered at the last minute.
  7. Doing the school run in the rain - nobody likes this surely?
  8. Waiting outside school every day for 45 minutes while DS2 gathers his belongings together - I have the slowest child in all the world.
  9. Receiving a raft of e-mails, none of which are very important, from the school office every day (I have had 13 in the last week - 5 of those were yesterday) - I spend ages reading them and deleting them and then always seem to miss the most important ones.
  10. Paying for school trips - why do they need to go on so many trips?
Needless to say I am now on a countdown until the final school run.  I plan on celebrating it's completion with a large gin - never mind the fact that I have six weeks at home with all five kids still to plan.  Happy Holidays!

Do you agree with my list?  Do you have your own list?  What's on it?  I'd love it if you could share in the comments below.


  1. After today's strike day and no rush this morning, I realised we're all ready for school hols too.

    1. Missed your comment before - we avoided the strike action fortunately but I am going to be very glad when this week is over x


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