Friday, 6 June 2014

What's on my shelfie?

Disclaimer:  No shelves were tidied in the writing of this blog post.

This is my favourite shelf.  It's in my kitchen.  When we bought our house 12 years ago I was very excited that our kitchen was going to come with built in display shelves.  They were going to be the place where I displayed my fancy Alessi pointless juice squeezer kitchen gadgets and all my good cook books.

As you can see, things didn't exactly turn out that way.

Here we have paper, and biros, because children seem to use/lose a lot of these, so I have a plentiful supply.  Also some colouring books in there somewhere.

On this side some other random stuff, a smelly candle (handy for removing the stench of teens) glue (because as you know, I have pre-schoolers so glue is an essential).  There are a few cannisters of lovely ink cartridges because a few weeks ago I decided that I was going to use a proper pen and paper to plan things and maybe even write letters to people I know, but that hasn't exactly panned out.  Not enough time in the day.  So they are here, to keep them safe or until my 11 year old steals them to use herself.

Here we have books (at last!) and an empty wine bottle.  It's Friday night and so that's a given.  Kids are finally in bed.

A closer look at the books.  We like Jamie Oliver here.  A lot.  Also, for information, the Gordon Ramsay book and the Ainsley Harriott barbecue book are signed copies.  The Ainsley one is the second book he signed for me.  He spelt my name wrong in the first one and so did another copy.  What a nice man.

You can tell a lot about a person from their shelves I'm sure.  I'm pretty sure mine says disorganised mother, needs more storage, but I went to the Victoria Plumb website to take their Great British Home Quiz and find out for sure.  It revealed that I am in fact, Mrs Quirky Cool.  Apparently my style is most like Jess or Nick from New Girl (whoever they are/whatever that is).  Anyway, if you head on over to their website you can take the quiz too and enter their competition to win £250 of John Lewis vouchers, which would definitely be handy for doing up your home and even buying some new shelves.

As for me, well I'm going to go and have a rummage in the kitchen cupboards for some of my forgotten Alessi gadgets to see if I can make my shelves a little less shabby and a little more chic.  I'm sure they are in there, somewhere...


  1. I have some shelves in our kitchen in a very similar state. Feel slightly better now that I know my muddled disorganized self has a name-Quirky Cool! A fun post xx

    1. Thanks! According to my DH there are many names for it but I'm sticking with quirky cool!

  2. Haha, glad no shelves were tidied, we have the same pen issue as you, where do they all go?

    1. It is a mystery isn't it? That's why I've gone with the giant box of Bic biros - surely we can't run out now?


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