Friday, 6 June 2014

Mr Nutcase Review

I was recently approached by Mr Nutcase and asked if I'd like to review one of their personalised phone cases.   "No problem!" said I, after all in this house there are now four of us with smartphones and various other touch screen devices used by us all.  I was sure I'd find something that someone would like.

The trouble is DH and I rather like our phones as they are and the teen and pre-teen already have cheap silicone cases for their smartphones.

Now, I could have ordered myself a case to review but really what would be the point of that if I was happy without one in the first place?  So, hunting around the Mr Nutcase website I discovered that they don't just make cases for every smartphone you could ever think of (including the ancient one that DH forces me to use I still have) but they also make cases for tablets and iPods too!

DD1 has had her iPod touch for nearly three years now.  To be quite honest it has a fair few scratches on the back of it from her putting it down all over the house and sticking it in pockets and drawers too.  I decided that I would order her a case to give it a new lease of life and protect what was left of it.  So, off we went onto the Mr Nutcase website to design one.

My pre-teen is fussy.  Fussy beyond belief.  There are literally hundreds of permutations on the Mr Nutcase site which you can have to make your perfect phone case.  Personally had I been designing one just for me I would have had some family photos or one of my children's pictures (doting mother that I am) on the back.  I uploaded several images to the website to see how they would look and I can honestly say that it was not only easy but that they looked pretty great too.  But, DD1 didn't want that, no.  She wanted this...

The checkout process via their website was simple (although there is an app too!) and our case arrived a few days later.

DD1 was pleased with her Minecraft themed design.  The case fits the iPod nicely and all the holes are in the right place, allowing easy access to all the buttons and sockets.

The case is thin and light and doesn't get in the way like some do and I think it works well to disguise all the scratches our iPod Touch has picked up and hopefully will help to protect it in the future.  DD1 hasn't taken the case off since she got it so that means it has been a hit with her too.

At £14.95 for our case it is a reasonable price for something that has been made to our specifications. If I ever manage to get a photograph of all my children where they aren't killing each other are all smiling at once then I shall be straight back to the Mr Nutcase website to order an iPad case for Grandma.  A personalised case would also make a nice Father's Day gift too.

If you'd also like to try one of their cases then Mr Nutcase have offered my readers a discount of 10% off any of the cases on their website by quoting the code "Thanku10".

We received a free case from Mr Nutcase for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are our own.


  1. That's a really nice colour, we're out of the mine craft phase & into FIFA now. : )

    1. I don't think we'll be in the FIFA phase for a while as DS1 does not do football (DS2 does but prefers Skylanders) - I'm thankful for small mercies!


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