Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Stickems Review

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and games consoles - it seems that these have replaced toys and games in they eyes of my children as must haves these days.

My oldest three children were all lucky enough last Christmas to be bought a Kindle Fire HD each (thanks Grandma!) and ever since then I have been trying to remind them to unplug them when they've finished charging, put them in a safe place if they aren't using them and to generally be careful with them full stop.  Anything that helps to encourage looking after such an expensive thing properly has therefore got to be useful, right?

Well, a fews weeks ago, after I had been to Blog On, I happened to be looking through the myriad of things we had been given in our goody bags when I found a small cardboard packet at the bottom of one of them.  It was actually a reusable screen cleaner from a company called Stickems designed to stick on to mobile devices for handy cleaning.

I half had my eye on it until the teen asked me what it was and then promptly pilfered it for himself.  Charming!  Anyway, he stuck it to the back of his Wii U and has been using it daily every since.  DD1 and DS2 (who thought that the Stickems looked very cool) were a bit put out at this and so were delighted when I got onto Stickems and ordered some more via their website.

We did have a hard time choosing which to buy as Stickems are available in loads of different designs and various sizes - there really is something for everyone.  They aren't actually sticky as such but adhere to the back of the device by a sort of clingy backing.  When you need to clean your screen you just peel off the Stickems and then use the printed microfibre cloth side to clean all the fingerprints off.  Then you simply re-stick back onto your device.  They last up to 1000 sticks and can be washed too.

We've been trying ours out on the back of the Kindle Fire and while they don't claim to stick to non shiny surfaces, they stick onto the back of the Fire fairly well.  My daughter has also stuck hers onto her Nintendo 3DS.

I think they are excellent and have certainly helped my children to take better care of their tablets and other screens.  My daughter has already hinted that they would make good stocking fillers at Christmas time too!  The ones we chose cost £2.99 each which I think is a very reasonable price.

As for me, well, with all the different designs to choose from I couldn't resist getting one for myself - as a blogger this one seemed quite apt!

We were given a discount to use on our Stickems order in return for this review.  All words and opinions are our own.

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