Friday, 30 May 2014

My Favourite Way to Spend a Sunny Day...

By DD1 (aged 11)

My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day is go to Hare Hill, which is at Alderly Edge which is near where we live.  We have been going there since I was about three or four I think.

I like it, because the walled garden is massive and I like it because it also has a badminton set and croquet set, that is fun to play with. Sometimes mum brings bubble mixture to use at Hare Hill in the walled garden. I also like playing hide and seek or tag with my brothers and sister. As well I like that the flowers are pretty and colourful.

I liked the badminton set so much that dad got me one to play with at home and so my other favourite way to spend a sunny day is to play badminton.

In my garden or my grandma’s garden, I play badminton with my family we usually stand one side of the garden each. Sometimes as well we get the net out at my house. It's quite funny when my mum and dad play badminton together.  It's funny watching them run about.

My dad is quite fast at serving the shuttlecock, because he throws it up then hits it quite hard. The shuttlecock usually goes into the plants (or flower beds) if you don’t hit it.  Its also very hard to run for it, because it comes so fast towards you. So if you look away you’ll loose the game. 

Most of the time the games will last for 5-10 minutes, so most of the time everyone will get tired and want a break.  As well as that there are fights over the badminton rackets, because there are only two rackets to play with and there are five of us! Mostly I play with my brother or my grandma because they are good at playing.

I really like eating ice cream after I've played badminton.  I like ice cream in cones the best, my favourite flavour is toffee.

That's my favourite way to spend a sunny day.

This is my daughter's entry into the MAD Kid Blog of the Year awards 2014.  She wrote is all herself and I helped edit it, add the photos she chose and upload it to my blog for her.  

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