Friday, 18 April 2014

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Apologies for the late link up but it will become apparent why in a moment.

My word this week is


What does it take to get my children outside these days?  Well, it would appear that some sort of wifi blackout would be useful, or maybe a nice garden in which they enjoy spending time could be the key too.

At the beginning of the week we had neither - we still have wifi, I was joking about that on account of the teen needing to sever himself from YouTube for long enough to notice the good weather, that would be my only hope you see.

So, this week we've had reasonable weather here which has meant that I've felt the need to locate garden tools and other things required to make the garden a haven rather than a hazard.  On Wednesday we were fortunate in that work was finally completed on the fence shared between us and our neighbour - all down to them and in honesty I'm truly grateful as it means that we could crack on with getting the garden straight for summer.  

Wednesday was spent pottering about and attempting actual grown-up gardening while the youngest children played and ate ice cream on the lawn.  It was quite pleasant on the whole although I managed to get sunburnt.

It's fair to say, I'm not built for sun worship...

Our garden still wasn't anywhere near ready for all the good weather we will no doubt be getting this summer (ha!) and so I decided to enlist the help of my mother who fortunately knows her way around a pair of secateurs far better than me.

Today we chopped, we weeded, we dug and we replanted.  With the bribe of another ice cream we ended up with several small volunteers to help (and the wifi was still connected too!).  It is true that many hands make light work and while getting the garden in order seemed like an impossible task initially, we got there in the end.  

You'll have to excuse the rough pictures but just to give you an idea...

The "before" shot - taken in February

The "transformation" - still a little way to go

The grass still needs help and there are very few flowering plants at the moment but that's a work in progress.  We spent the rest of today outside as a family, even the teen spent a brief bit of time in the fresh air without complaint.  We were in the garden for so long that I've had to promise the twins a picnic lunch outside tomorrow just so that I could persuade them to come in and go to bed.  I had honestly forgotten how much I liked our garden and I'm so glad that we've managed to reclaim it at last.  It feels like we've gained an extra room.

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  1. Wonderful! We've been doing loads of work in our garden, though to be honest, as my kids are small, they'd be happy spending time out there if it was a mud pit! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you! This is likely to be the most effort I make with the garden all year. As long as it the children can play without injuring themselves and there isn't half a fence hanging over it I don't care any more - I have a useable garden at last!

  2. Interesting the thought of a teenager who won't want to go outside - my four and 21 month old are constantly begging to be released into the wild!! #wotw

    1. Yes, my four year olds would live out there if I let them. The teen would rather spend time inside, but even he could see the benefit of a good tidy up in the end!

  3. I have a pre teen that likes to be attached to wifi too! Lots of gardening things happening here nice weather is helping lots.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one with wifi enabled kids ;). The weather has helped the garden massively, I wish it would last but sadly that will probably be wishful thinking!

  4. Thats an awesome garden development. I remember being always out when I was a teenager but of course theres no internet then =P #wotw


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