Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Things that make me happy - a Groovy update

I haven't written a groovy update in a while.  The truth is there isn't really much to update!  The sun is finally shining and that makes me feel a bit groovy at least.

This last month we've been trying to think about some things we need to do to improve our surroundings.  Now that the double pushchair is long gone we can finally give some thought to decorating the hallway (and filling in the dents in the walls left by the pushchair!  I'm really not a great driver!).  I also replaced the blinds in our bedroom which had seen better days.  It is surprising how just this small change has made me feel a lot better about our bedroom and I think I'm going to make a few other changes in there - just little things but hopefully will make it feel more like ours rather than an afterthought.  It is funny but DH spent a lot of time decorating the children's bedrooms over the time we've been here but we have never found time to get ours just how we'd like. I think it is important in such a busy house that our only adult space should feel nice to spend time in.

DH made a start on getting the garden straight too.  The only thing standing in his path, quite literally, the fence which is shared with a neighbour and which fell down in last month's high winds.  Currently it is hanging over most of the left side of our garden and leaning on the twin's swing so that can't be used either.  I suspect we will need to enter into a discussion with our neighbours at some point because the responsibility for the fence is shared, although at the moment I'm feeling rather anxious about it (for reasons not worth discussing here).  This is definitely not groovy.

DH bought me some daffodils this week.  I love flowers of any kind but don't get them often.  I couldn't help but smile as the daffodils started to unfold their petals - nothing says Spring is here more than their bright yellow colour.

Spring has sprung

Kate on Thin Ice has asked in her post this week that the Groovy Mums think about how we can best support other mums who are experiencing tough times, how we like to be supported and where we take inspiration from when we are struggling.

I suppose for me support can be anything from just knowing that someone is thinking of you to practical support like giving advice, or helping someone to implement a change in their lives.  I'm lucky enough to have a family around me, who over the years have offered us a great deal of support both practical and emotional.

When our son was ill in hospital they spent time with us and him, often giving up other commitments to do that.  When our car was taken off the motorway at high speed causing enough damage to write it off, my in-laws were there in a flash and picked us up from hospital.  My mother-in-law even bought sandwiches and snacks for the children and my father-in-law and sister-in-law managed to gather enough cars and car seats so that we could get home safely from the hospital.  My own parents came back up that same motorway to visit us as soon as they heard what had happened and babysat while we sorted out new car seats, bought takeaways so we didn't have to cook and were just generally fabulous.  Funnily enough DH and I were talking about this recently and we both still do remember very clearly and appreciate what they all did on that day - I don't think thank you could even cover it!

I wouldn't say I've ever taken any inspiration from anyone although I think having children is pretty inspiring in itself.  I sometimes feel that I should be doing something new with my life and my children are the inspiration for that.  Feeling that they could benefit as much from the change as I would is a very big motivator!


  1. I know what you mean about bedrooms, Me and hubby have been together 18 years and we have never decorated our bedroom and made it nice as there is always something more important to spend our pennies on! We really should make more of an effort with our room and make it a nicer place to be. #Groovymums

    1. Thanks, Denise. I'm really hoping to make a bit more effort with it this year!


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