Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Raiders of the Lost Fridge - the Curse of the Teenager (A Multiple Choice Quiz)

We all know that teenagers can be challenging to live with at times, however some are better than others.  To help you decide where on the spectrum of reasonableness* your teen falls I've compiled a helpful** quiz for parents.

1.  You have a pint of milk left in your fridge and need to use it for cooking a meal later.  Your teen is due home any minute and you have to go to pick up their younger sibling from an after school club.  Does your teen:

a.  Drink most of the milk while you are out so that you have to feed the family an assortment of random left overs from the freezer?

b.  Make you a cup of tea on your return, leaving just enough milk for you to cook with?

c.  Surprise you by cooking the meal so that you don't have to?

Oh, thanks for that ds1...

2.  Your teenager has three pieces of homework to do.  Two of them are due tomorrow and the other one by the end of the week.  Do they:

a.  Do one piece at the last minute, after you've nagged them all evening, then remember the second piece when it's past ten o'clock, completely ignoring the third?

b.  Do the most immediate pieces of homework first and then complete the third piece the following day without being asked to?

c.  Do all of their homework at after school homework club the same day it is set?

3.  You have asked your teenager to tidy their bedroom.  Do they:

a.  Ignore you and play on their XBox - if you want the room tidy then you do it?

b.  Begrudgingly tidy just their own things from the floor, leaving their brother to tidy his stuff, then play on the XBox?

c.  Let their younger brother play on the XBox while they tidy the whole room, make the beds and run the vacuum cleaner round?

4.  It's Mothering Sunday (yay!) and you are expecting lots of great things.  Does your teenager:

a.  Forget all about it and assume that their dad will buy a card and present?

b.  Save enough pocket money to buy a card and some chocolate from the pound shop - it's the thought that counts?

c.  Make sure you get a lie in by making breakfast for everybody else and then bring you breakfast in bed.  Then surprise you by spending a month's pocket money on an amazing present, after all you do so much for them?

That's it!  The end!  It's time to check your scores.

Mostly a's

Are you me?

Mostly b's

Congratulations, you are clearly doing a great job, what's your secret?

Mostly c's

Oh my god, your teen sounds amazing!  Can we swap?***

* not an actual spectrum at all

**  may not be very helpful

***  I'm joking, he really isn't that bad... (but son, if you are reading this, there is still plenty of time to take note of question 4...).

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