Thursday, 16 January 2014


Every so often, someone says to me, "Oh, you are so organised".  It is a lovely compliment and generally speaking I do manage to organise everything and everyone in our house to a certain extent but I am not a really supremely organised person.  This week it seems like we are swinging from one minor disaster to the next and I feel I've only got myself to blame.  I'll explain.

Friday afternoon and I go to pick up the children from school.  Ds2 comes out clutching a letter regarding a trip that is taking place this week.  It needs paying for and I haven't done that.  I had an email about the trip before Christmas but I filed it or rather I deleted it because I can't find it now.  I go to check the amount and pay on the school online payment site.  It is new and I've only used it once before.  I can't remember the login and therefore can't pay.  Will need to ask dh I think.

Friday evening, feeling a bit chesty.  Ignore it. Wake up on Saturday feeling like death and have a children's party to attend at lunchtime.  Have no suitable medicine in the house at all (unless you count gin, but can't really attend party smelling of gin).  Manage on paracetamol alone and just try to make it through until the party finishes.  Collapse in a heap at home.

Sunday comes, remember that trip needs paying for.  Dh volunteers to sort it out for me and manages to get in to the online payment account.  He puts the card details in and then gets asked for yet another password.  He's only changed the password recently and yet neither of us can remember it so we have to reset it and start again.  This takes what feels like hours.

Monday.  Manage to get through Monday OK.  Quite a normal day.  Go to bed.  Get woken at 12.45 am by ds3 who is screaming because the light in the hall has gone out and he can't see.  In fact all the lights upstairs don't work.  Assume fuse must have blown so dh goes downstairs to the fuse box which is in the hall.  Except, he loses his footing and falls all the way down.  Fortunately he seems fine but bruised.  We locate the torch and it appears that the entire street has no power so we attempt to calm everyone down and go back to bed.  Dh says that under his arm feels odd, like it is bleeding but it can't be, can it?  I grab the torch and have a quick look.  As I lift his top I can see grazes, a bruise and then a hole!  An actual hole in his armpit, with fleshy bloodiness and everything.  We panic a bit.  The power suddenly comes back on. The hole in dh's underarm is really rather deep and scary looking.  I try and clean it up a bit but yet again I realise that we have virtually no first aid type stuff in the house that is suitable (we did once, but it has been used).  I think it needs stitching and so call NHS 111 to see what we need to do.  The upshot of my 15 minute phone call is that yes, he needs to get himself to hospital.  We debate getting everyone out of bed and all going but then dh calls his dad who agrees to take him.  They go and I spend a while trying to work out what dh has impaled himself on.  There is no blood anywhere but possibly the culprit could have been the radiator or one of the kids scooters.  Dh returns at 3.45 am and has been stitched up and given a tetanus for his trouble.  I crash into bed thinking that I must really get some sleep.

So, what's the point of me telling you all that?  Well, this morning it got me thinking that I really do need to become more organised (not just for the benefit of my family, but for me).  I should have a system in place for remembering passwords so that I can pay for stuff at school.  I used to have all the important school dates written down in a diary but I have found that the diary often got ignored so I stopped.  I need to start again, or use my iPad instead.  I should definitely spend some time sorting out our medicine cabinet and updating its contents.  I think it is high time that I got myself some sort of training on first aid too.  Dh's injury was so frightening and I didn't have a clue what to do.  I'm going to download a first aid app as a start and also write a list of medical supplies in case of any future injuries.  I'm going to also make sure there is a torch in the bedroom and that everyone clears away their stuff from the bottom of the staircase at night.

There are probably lots of other areas in my life that could be more organised to make things run smoothly.  If I am being totally honest, I have become so good at winging it recently that I've forgotten what if feels like to plan things properly.  This week I'm going to make the small steps above to change some of that.  Are you an organised person?  What are your tips?

I'm linking up with this week's Groovy Mums post over at Kate on Thin Ice.


  1. Don't beat yourself up. That is the only rule of groovy mums. You had a week where things went a bit awry and challenges came your way. You are human and that makes the rest of us feel a whole lot better.
    I do like your thoughts on getting up to speed on first aid though.
    Hope your OH is feeling a lot better and you too.

    1. Thanks Kate. We're on the mend. This week made me realise that I should be in control of these things because I feel better when I am. Going to give some thought to your questions too.


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