Friday, 31 January 2014

Fabulous at 40

I've read so many blogs recently where the bloggers are turning 40 this year.  A few of them have a kind of bucket list type thing going on where they either have a list of things they want to do by the time they are 40 or they have devised some way of becoming fabulous but the time they reach their milestone age.  I quite like this idea and I'm always up for a bit more fabulousness in my life.

I'm also 40 this year (in five months to be precise) and so I'd better get cracking if I want to be fabulous for the big day.  How on earth can I do that though?  There are several areas where I always think I could improve on my life and so that seems like a good place to start.

1.  Be a fabulous mother

Hmm, motherhood.  It's hardly the sort of wonderful affair I'd imagined when I was pregnant with my first child, filled with long walks in the park, baking cupcakes and crafting.  Well sometimes it is but for the most part it seems to involve clearing up lots of mess, chauffeuring small people about and cajoling them into tidying their room/getting dressed/doing their homework.  Maybe I could not nag them so much, do a bit more baking and crafts and not shout moan about the mess they make, but to be honest, my children are all largely happy, love me (most of the time) and have everything they need (and most of the things they want) so I think on balance that I'm doing a pretty good job already.  Besides, who wants to beat themselves up over the things they feel they should be doing but don't actually need to do?  That sounds utterly joyless and not at all fabulous doesn't it?

2.  Be a fabulous wife

I can almost hear my husband laughing as he reads this at his desk at work (hello dear!).  I think it is fair to say that there are times when I am a less than fabulous wife.  We have been married for 17 years now and I think if there was ever a doubt that I wasn't in some way good enough at being his wife, dh would have left ages ago.  Therefore, I conclude that I don't need to get more fabulous at something I've been doing for 17 years already.  I am clearly excellent at this!

3.  Be a fabulous cook

This is something I actually love doing, shutting myself away in the kitchen and making a nice meal.  Cooking de-stresses me and I am a bit of a foodie on the quiet.  I've blogged about bettering my baking abilities before and that is an ongoing thing.  I haven't had any major kitchen related disasters of late, in fact I feel that I've got my cooking mojo back a little this week.  I learned a new skill, cooked a couple of new recipes (one of which I'm going to blog if I get the chance) and just generally feel that I can tackle anything kitchen related (although roast dinners still remain very much dh's forte).  That's the thing about cooking though - it is such an ongoing thing skill wise.  I bet even Nigella burns the toast sometimes.

4.  Have a fabulous body

*Looks down at post-baby body and cries a bit*

Honestly, having five children in 9 years has left my body in a bit of a state.  I have stretch marks and scars that I never thought I'd have but actually I don't mind them.  Having "got back" once already after ds2 was born I know my old body shape is in there somewhere, but at the moment the one I've got is just fine.  It isn't terrible and it isn't amazing either.  I get plenty of exercise running around after the fantastic five anyway so no need to launch myself into some fancy fitness program (besides my pelvic floor isn't ready for that), so for the moment I'm embracing what I do have and not worrying about what I haven't got.  That's good enough for me.

5.  Be a fabulous blogger

Well, its fabulous being a blogger.  Is that the same thing?  Blogging is a hobby for me, one I'm not the best at but then who decides that anyway?  It is always nice to be well received when lots of people read a post you've written.  It's nice when somebody sends you something that they want your opinion on too.  I set my blog up so that I could use my brain a bit more, occasionally make other people smile and share the things I've picked up as a mum of five among many other reasons.  Fabulousness doesn't have to be measured by the amount of page views I get or by my ranking with Google or whoever (which is just as well because they are probably all pants at the minute).  I feel pretty fabulous for starting my blog in the first place.

I've come to realise since I've been thinking about the whole idea of achieving something by the time I'm 40, that I actually don't really need a list.  In fact I don't need to achieve anything at all.  Why?  Because I'm already fabulous.  I'm Fabulous at being me - a slightly overweight, scatty mother of five, OKish wife/cook/blogger who loves drinking too much coffee and tea, wine and gin.

As for when I'm 50, well I could get a head start on a list I suppose, after all I've got the next ten years to achieve it.  Heavenly by Half a Century has a nice ring to it don't you think?

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