Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Delia is out, Lorraine is in

This weekend we did a bit of final tidying up from the Christmas break.  I say we, what I mean is that dh decided that his two new cookery books (Masterchef Everyday and Lorraine Pascale's Fast, Fresh and Easy Food) needed space in the bookshelf in the kitchen and that it was high time I cleared out all those really interesting recipe books that I have collected over the years and never use.  To be honest, he had a point.

If you've read my blog previously you'll know about my tendency to hoard things, and books have formed a major part of that.  I suppose there comes a point where we need the space for other things but books are a bit different aren't they?

We pulled out half a dozen titles that I thought I could possibly live without.  Many books bought before dh and I even met and some that we have bought together and never cooked from.  A Delia Smith boasting the title One is Fun! - I'm sure it is but with seven of us under one roof I'm certain I won't find out for a very long time.  One thing I've noticed is that it is funny how our tastes have changed, also how recipe books have moved on in fifteen years or so.  

Once the shelves were tidied up and discussions had taken place over which books would stay (let me tell you Gordon Ramsay only just made the cut because his book is signed) we spotted a recipe binder on the shelf which was marketed by Sainsburys in the 1990s.  My mother in law had bought it for dh when he was at university, and collected several of the free recipe cards to go inside. Does anyone else remember such delicacies as Turkey and Apricot Bake or Chicken and Passata Casserole?  If I remember rightly there were also adverts with celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ian McShane demonstrating the recipes.  It is quite a contrast to their current marketing campaign promoting the use of leftovers from Sunday roasts (seriously, people have leftovers?).  Another sign of the times I guess.

We've decided to keep it purely because it made us laugh (leading me to wonder whether my hoarding tendencies are finally rubbing off on dh), although it is highly unlikely that we will cook any of the recipes within its covers.  Do you have any cookery books you can't live without, or ones you keep for sentimental reasons?

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