Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Useless Mum Skills

Or should that be, seemingly useless ones?  You see, this week, as Christmas approaches we have given over to buying Satsumas and Clementines again due to their plentiful supply at the supermarket.  They are perfect for lunchboxes, not too big, easy to peel.  The trouble is that my kids (yes, even the older two) cannot get the hang of peeling them.  So much so that dd1 pleaded with me today to "please do it for me mum, I just can't and you can even make yours into the shape of an elephant!".  You see dear readers, I had forgotten a small party trick from long ago that I used to amuse my children with.  I have the talent of being able to remove a satsuma peel in one piece in the shape of an elephant (just the trunk and ears to be exact - don't expect a scale model of Dumbo or anything).

Dd2 shows off my awesome skillz

Obviously I had not realised this was such a special talent before now.  It got me thinking, I may have other useless mum skills that I didn't realise were so amazing to my kids.  It might even become a series*.  What useless mum skills do you have?

*probably not

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