Friday, 13 December 2013

Tree Time

I like Christmas trees, who doesn't?  Despite my dislike for looking after them for the whole of December, once they are up I love how they make our home look, and also how they mark the start of the festive season.  This Christmas our tree is special.  This Christmas our tree is the first proper tree we have had for five years.

We always had a tree in the past.  Our first was an artificial tree bought from John Lewis when we were newlyweds.  I loved that tree.  It was just the right size for the living room of our little two bedroomed terrace and I had bought gold and silver decorations for it - it was so grown up looking.

Later when we moved to our current house we opted for a real tree.  Dh bought it from Macclesfield Forest.  It made our house smell fantastic, really welcoming.  We always had a real tree after that first one.  Sometimes they were big, sometimes they were small but they were always beautiful (even the three foot high one that dh brought home half dead from the German market in Manchester one year).

2008 - the last time we had a tree

When the twins arrived I was too busy to sort out a tree.  The large amount of baby related stuff strewn across our living room floor also meant that there was nowhere to put one anyway and so that year we decided to put up the other decorations as normal minus the tree.  The following year we had crawling babies and the year after that two toddlers running around like whirling dervishes and the thought of clearing up needles and smashed decorations made me fear for owning a tree again, so we just didn't bother.

This year is different though.  This year the twins will not touch the tree and fiddle with it (yeah right), this year we have no toys in our living room and therefore have some space in which to put the tree.  This year I'm excited about the tree.

So bring on the needle sweeping, the constant watering and the fairy light checking (and also the panic when one goes and the whole set refuses to light up!).  I can't wait for the children to find their presents under it on christmas morning, to see who manages to steal the first chocolate decoration off the branches, maybe I'll even make some biscuit decorations too.  It will be beautiful and it will be ours.

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