Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hotel Chocolat Signature Christmas Collection Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review something from the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range.  Having been a customer of theirs before when I was searching for a teacher gift I knew that their chocolates were very special indeed, but I had never tasted any for myself.  In view of this I asked to be sent their Signature Christmas Collection box. Hotel Chocolat describe them as their grandest selection of exceptional Christmas chocolates, and so I had high hopes for their arrival.

Dh and I have often bought a premium box of chocolates at Christmas time to be kept as a special "grown-up treat" just for us and these certainly fall into that category at £25 for 205g.  They arrived well packaged in a pretty box and once opened I was not disappointed with the contents.

Now, I could go into detail here about each individual chocolate but that would probably take too long.  There are 19 chocolates in the box and they were all spectacular but the ones that dh and I liked most were the Mulled Port, which really do taste properly of Port, very warming and a real taste of Christmas (we wish Hotel Chocolat did a box of just these!).  We also liked the Caramel Supernova which we had to eat all in one go owing to the wonderful liquid caramel centre, the 70% dark chocolate outer was divine.  Lastly the White Caramel Praline, which again has a runny slightly salted caramel centre that went brilliantly with the hazelnut praline topping and was all held in a milk chocolate cup - delicious!  

There are also two Hacienda lara chocolates (one dark and one milk) in the box which were some of the best chocolates I've tasted.  I tried the Dark Salted Caramel 90% and it had the most intense hit of cocoa and salted caramel I have ever eaten, but one was enough, by this point my tastebuds were buzzing with lovely flavours - I could eat no more!

We've been so impressed with this particular box of chocolates that dh has said that he will be making a trip to the Hotel Chocolat store in Manchester to see what else they have.  Personally I like internet shopping better and have been looking over the Hotel Chocolat website at all their delicious looking products.  

Dh noticed while we were eating them that so much attention to detail has obviously gone into the way the chocolates look.  Not only are the chocolates visually appealing but they all have a tiny Hotel Chocolat logo stamped onto the underside.  They really are every ounce a quality product and I'd be proud to give something from their range to a fellow chocolate lover as a gift or even to have them as an after dinner treat if we were entertaining friends.

We were kindly sent a box of Signature Christmas Collection Chocolates by Hotel Chocolat. All opinions are our own.

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