Saturday, 14 December 2013

Birthday Toy Round Up

I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now.  As you may know we had a few birthdays in October and the biggest and most toy laden was the twins' 4th birthday.  This is a round up of some of their presents.

Its been really hard this year to find anything that the twins like that we haven't already bought for our older children.  I've saved most of the toys as the kids have grown to pass down to their younger siblings but while this saves me a bob or two in the long run it makes it increasingly hard to buy for my littlest two because they seem to have everything already!  This year we decided that they would get a few  little things that they really wanted and would be easy to store rather than buying something bigger just for the sake of it.

Firstly from us dd2 received a My Little Pony Crystal Playset.  She already had the main Wedding Castle playset for Christmas last year and loves it.  She was incredibly excited to see that there was an add on set available this year and was desperate to get it!  Out of the box it required a fair bit of assembly (at 7.30 am this was no mean feat) but once it was up she was delighted.  It really is only a very tiny add on to the main castle set but came with lots of little accessories and another pony which she is very happy with.  It never gets put away as she tends to play with it daily so you could say it has been something of a success!

For ds3 we bought a Playmobil My Take Along Western City set.  To be quite honest this was more because I really liked the look of it rather than him wanting it (he didn't know what he wanted for his birthday so we all had to pick something we thought suitable).  Both the twins played with it initially but it has remained under his bed for a few weeks now.  Funnily enough, they play with the Playmobil dolls house we have all the time so I'm not sure why this doesn't appeal.

We also bought a Play Doh Frosting Fun Bakery for them to share.  This was an immediate hit with them and I can see why.  There are plenty of cutters and extruders included in the set and some realistic biscuit coloured dough too.  I'd never come across Play Doh Plus before but there are two small pots in this set which are softer than the regular dough and can be piped onto the firmer play doh as decoration.  We could have done with some bigger pots though as it is very messy and a large amount got lost on the table, floor, fingers, you name it!

My mum bought dd2 some wooden play food sets from ELC.  One was a toaster set and the other was a sandwich making set.  As soon as she saw them she requested her wooden kitchen to be set up and was busy making everyone a sandwich or toast!  I really like the sets myself.  They are nicely painted and look like they will stand up to a lot of play.  They have been played with a fair bit already and I quite often find plates and toys all set out waiting to be fed when I walk into their room of a morning!

Ds3's present from Grandma was a Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom.  I'd seen this toy on another blog and knowing what a big fan of the show ds3 is I suggested my mum bought him this.  Sadly the toy really hasn't lived up to the good reviews I'd read.  Would you believe we are now on our third one?  The first lasted a day before the sound chip broke and the second a month before the same thing.  It's a shame because he really loves this toy but at £25 I really don't think it is very well built for the price.

From my in-laws the twins got the same thing (always handy to prevent rows).  They bought them each a Lego Bricks and More Suitcase (one pink, one blue) and a couple of new story books each too.  The suitcases full of Lego were a major success.  They get carried round the house and set up all over the place.  The best thing is that when the twins have both finished with them the whole lot goes back into its suitcase for another day.  The inside of each case has little dividers too so that the smaller pieces can be kept separately from the bigger bits.  My only criticism with these is that when buying them there was only a choice of pink or blue cases.  What happened to green, yellow, orange or red? It would have been nice to have the choice of some more gender neutral sets.  Having said that I like the fact that each child's set is distinct and this definitely stops the arguments when things get mixed up!

The four story books that the twins received were Stick Man by Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler (my favourite by far!), Socks and Shark in the Dark by Nick Sharratt and Aliens in Underpants Save the World by Claire Freedman/Ben Cort.  We have loved reading them and after a cull to charity of some of our less loved stories a few months back it was really nice to get some new ones to replace them.  All I really need now is somewhere to put all the books (they seem to breed by themselves!).

So all in all they had a fairly reasonable haul.  I'm pleased that almost three months later we are still playing with nearly all of them!  Which of course begs the question - What on earth am I going to get them for Christmas?

This is not a sponsored post.  All items mentioned were bought by us.

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