Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Welcoming Entrance

OK, so I'll admit I'm a little Bah Humbug about Christmas at the moment.  If I'm honest it isn't all of Christmas that makes me grumpy, it is mainly the buying things part that annoys me.  The things I do love are the traditions, that warm Christmassy feeling you get when you see twinkling lights, eating mince pies, that sort of thing.  I will confess that I have been busy pinning a few bits and pieces recently in the hope that I might be able to transform our front door and hallway to make it a little more welcoming for guests this festive season.  I've also created a mood board too so that I can see how everything looks together. 

Our hallway is a bit dull if I'm honest.  Function presides over form, because when you have five children it tends to get a little crowded in there!  These are the things I'd do if I had the time, money and space.

1.  I love this console table.  It would make a great space to make a christmas display or even to place a nativity scene for the children.

2.  Because its Christmas that means it is also the party season.  If we had any gatherings this holiday I would forego the fairy lights around the door and choose these beautiful tea light bags to line the path and our driveway. 

3.  A wreath.  I do love a nice wreath on the door.  When mine goes up it signifies that Christmas has arrived.

4.  I like these little standard holly bushes.  They add a bit of interest to the front doorstep.

5.  Once through the door I think there should always be a spot of mistletoe - as I say, I love traditions and this is one of the oldest!

6.  A doormat is essential to wipe your snowy (please Santa?) boots on when you come inside.  This one is nice and festive too.

7.  Fairy lights and greenery around the bannisters for a warm and welcoming glow.

8.  Having somewhere to hang your coat always makes me feel welcome in other people's homes, so I'd make sure my visitors had somewhere to hang theirs.

9.  This sign caught my eye - Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  That's just what Christmas is, a wonderful time with gatherings, friends and family visiting and happiness.  I'd be sure to place it somewhere prominent.

Needless to say, I probably won't get around to half of these ideas but if you are passing by this Christmas the welcome will still be warm and maybe if you are lucky I'll have opened some wine.  Please feel free to pop by and say Hi.

This post is an entry into the Turtle Mat Christmas Blogger Challenge.

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